2019... I’m sad to see you go. You started with the most emotions I’ve ever experienced. Anxiety and nerves of January tryouts to relief and excitement of seeing my name on the 2019 roster.

You allowed me to see my best friend TWICE!

I’ve seen important people say ‘I do’ and ‘Yes!’ I’ve watched my little sass-a-frass grow, dance and even take to pitching.

We saw Macchu Picchu, and Joey turned 40 in style with best friends.

You’ve given me life... I’ve experienced so much in the last 12 months.

Along the way, you’ve taken my heart and mind on a crazy ride. From doubt and frustration of getting back into the groove at age 36, to elation of big strikeouts and wins, you gave me everything I could dream of.

2019, you made me love again... you made me smile... you brought me people who I have fun with. I am excited about what 2020 will bring myself and my family (in all facets), but 2019, you were special, very special!!