6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills for You [Updated: 2019]

6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills

6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor softball drills will definitely come in handy for a dedicated player like you even if the weather is out to stop you. So after reading this post, you would not have to postpone your next softball training and will be ready to bring your softball skills to the next level with your determination and passion.

When it comes to sports such as softball and baseballs, which are played mostly outside with practice sections being outside, it can become inevitable that you have to incorporate both softball drills and training indoors. Winter conditions such as rain, snow and other elements of nature will force you to practice indoors. It is not all a waste, as there are many effective indoor softball drills out there for your players to practice.

Here are some great Indoor Softball Drills:

1) Side to Side Indoor Softball Drill

This first softball drills for fielding and throwing is called the side-to-side drill. This one of the beginner softball drills, and develops the lateral movement of fielders. It also improves lateral quickness and conditioning.

How it works:

  1. The trainer or partner will roll the ball to one side of the fielder.
  2. In a proper fielding position, the fielder will field the ball between the feet after she has shuffled to the side (doing so without crossing her feet).
  3. When the fielder gets the ball, she will then throw it back to the partner while staying low.
  4. The fielder will then shuffle the other direction so the partner roll the ball onto the other side,
  5. This fun softball drill is then repeated. The fielder and the partner can switch so the partner does the defensive play.

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2) 4 Corners Infield Drill

This is one of the best indoor softball drills, especially for beginners. Here 4 players will stand in the 4 corners of a gym, and throw each other the ball.

Below is the drill:

  1. The player 1 will throw the ball diagonally to player 2;
  2. Player 2 will throw the ball laterally to player 3;
  3. Subsequently, player 3 will then throw the ball back to player 2;
  4. Moving on, player 2 will then throw the ball to player 1;
  5. Loop the drill from step 1-4 again.

This indoor softball drills will help improve catch to throw transition, regular grounders, and making throws on the run.

3) “Gator” Run-Down Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor Softball Drills Gator Run Down

This is one of the softball drills for fielding which helps work on rundown defense regardless of age. These fun softball drills do not require a lot of space as far as there is adequate space for infield bases.

Here is the drill:

  1. A runner will be at home and the defense in their respective positions and the coach/ trainer in the middle of the field.
  2. When the trainer shouts “to go’, the runner will start going at top speed around the bases.
  3. As the runner begins, the defenses cover their bases.
  4. While the runner is between 2 bases, the trainer tosses the ball to a defensive player so that the rundown begins.

4) Still-Ball Backhands

This is a drill that allows players to rake backhands correctly. This is one of the drill that I like to use when I am training indoors.

Here is the drill:

  1. All the players will take a ball and place it about 3 steps away.
  2. Now each player will approach the ball in a backhand position.
  3. The player will then rake through the ball in a backhand position, making sure the ball gets deep behind the front foot.
  4. Subsequently, she/he can fake throw and then start the drill all over or she/he can also throw the ball into a net.

Other Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor Softball Drills turf floor

Here are some more softball drills that do not require any facilities inside of the sheltered area. A gym room with a couple of proper softball equipment would do perfectly. It’s also awesome to practice these drills indoors during winter time.

5) Hitting

  1. Hitting off the tee – no player is too old to hit off a tee.
  2. Using a pitching machine – This can be a very effective training.
  3. Practicing the 3-2-1 drill – this improves reaction time and speed.

6) Softball Drills for Fielding and Throwing

  1. 4 corner’s infield drill – this is mentioned earlier.
  2. Fielding without gloves – this helps with body positioning, as such the coach should focus on the player’s body position.
  3. Transferring the ball to glove before the player throws it.

fielding and throwing

Do you still wish to know more indoor softball drills? You are in luck! Check out this short 4 mins video which shows you indoor softball drills to build your teamwork.

Let us know which softball drills you are using for your indoor training below~

To keep on improving, it’s always useful to revisit the fundamentals.

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