A Family Legacy

Wow, who knew a late night post could generate so much excitement!?

Well, I always say the universe has put some pretty incredible people in my life, and I will continue to say that until the good Lord takes me away. Granted softball is usually the spoke that connects my wheel of people, and this instance is no different.

In 2010, after being traded to the USSSA Pride, we were to play a series here in Round Rock at Dell Diamond. This was my first encounter with Chris Almendarez, as he was in charge of the event and carted Jennie and I around to different media appearances. The job he did was spectacular, and over the years he has climbed the ladder with the Round Rock Express he is now the President.

Chris' family has open arms to almost everyone! His wife Jana was no different. She was the most lovely woman I have ever met, proud of both her sons and Chris. There was never a time I saw her without a smile on her face. As many of you may remember, last summer Jana was diagnosed with brain cancer. She fought a valiant fight, but passed this past Spring. It is her honor, that I am fortunate to announce this exciting news.

Chris and his family have gone to Family Legacy's DreamCamp in Zambia, Africa, a number of times, and have encouraged me to go. Between surgeries and things already planned, I have never been able to go.

A week ago, Chris gave me the dates, and now I am going!

Two days after Christmas, I will take off to Zambia with the group! My heart has never felt so full as it did the moment I agreed to take this trip with Chris, his family as well as others we mutually know to Zambia, Africa to meet, work with and share about the Lord with children of Zambia. While we are over there, we will also open an orphanage in Jana's Name.

Jana's House will host 12 girls, 10 who have already been identified. It will be fully decorated and ready for move in when we get there.

As any mission trip, funds must be raised. I will be auctioning off some things over the next few months to help with my trip, as well as saving & contributing myself.

However, if you would just like to donate to help with the trip, the link is: https://web.familylegacy.com/zambia/catherineosterman

Donations are tax deductible! There's always a way to help donate to Jana's house if you would like. I've never been more excited as I am about this trip. I know most of you wished it was a come back news, but the fact that I am retired and have time, allows me to do even greater things. I'm being called, and I am answering that call.

Let's join forces. Help me, help others!! Zambia, here I come!