Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats Reviews [Top 10] Updated: 2019

slow pitch softball bats

Before you play softball, the first thing you should do is to pick up a good, high- quality bat. Buying slow pitch softball bats can’t be hasty because it is a very important decision, and you shouldn’t rush it. You need to compare different bats, consider their pros and cons, go through their reviews, and eventually select the one that is best for you and your game.

In this review, we will teach you how to choose some of the best slow pitch softball bats and will recommend 10 models that are great are not only great for beginners but even for hardcore pros.

How to pick slow pitch softball bats:

Before we start, it’s important to know a crucial difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats. Fastpitch softball bats give maximum swing speed and streamline control to the batter. Slow pitch softball bats give a maximum performance upon contact. Their heavier barrel might be difficult to control but the same reaction speed is unnecessary in a slowpitch game.

Here are 6 tips on choosing Softball Slow Pitch Bats:

1) One Piece or Two Piece

While you are buying a bat for the first time, you will find out this is the most confusion most people go through. For a hardcore pro, this decision would be easy, but for a beginner, this can be a bit confusing part because most people are unaware of the difference between two kinds of bats.

As the name suggests, in a one-piece bat different parts are not assembled together and the bat is just one unit. However, in the case of a two-piece bat, the handle and the barrel are joined and the bat is more flexible. However, that makes her slightly heavier than a one-piece bat.

Whether you buy one or the other depends on your playing style. If you prefer sheer power, then two-piece bat is a thing for you. If you are more a fan of a carefully chosen time to hit that pesky ball, then you should go with the one-piece bat.

2) Bat weight:

Weight is also an important factor to consider while buying a slowpitch softball bat. Weight should be between 26 and 30 ounces. Rule of the thumb is that heavy bats are more effective than light ones because if you hit that ball with the heavy bat then you know it will travel the long distance.

However, also consider the swing speed because it is difficult to swing a heavy bat freely. As a result, many people can’t get their timing right. So if you are a beginner, maybe use light bat initially. After you get that timing properly switching to heavy bat shouldn’t be a problem.

When considering weight, also know of the technical term called “drop” of the bat, which is basically the difference between bat’s length and weight. As per official rules, “drop“ can’t be over 12 and less than 8.

3) Composite vs Alloy

Most of the softball bats are alloy bats or composite bats. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you have to select them according to your strength. Alloy bats are easier to swing. You can also use then right after buying them and are much cheaper than composite bats. However, with alloy bats, “sweet spot” is small and also not very durable.

Most professionals use composite bats. They are slightly more difficult to swing, but the “sweet spot” is larger and if you get the timing right, the ball will travel a long distance. They are also durable and last longer but are more expensive. It’s also worth considering that aluminum bats often bent in cold weather, so if you plan to play through the whole year, then composite bats are best.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bat reviews

4) Bat length

The length of slow pitch softball bats also plays an important role. Most of the bats are 34 inches long, which is the maximum length possible as per official rule. It also depends on the height of the person.

For a shorter person, a 34-inch bat may be slightly difficult to swing so they must settle for shorter bats. However, in the case of a shorter one, the chances of missing the ball also increase. You can start with a shorter bat for a period, but eventually, you will have to buy 34 inches one.

5) Grip

The grip of the bat needs to be firm and comfortable. If the grip is loose, then your entire game will suffer. They make most of the grips from synthetic leather and normal leather. It also provides the extra bit of cushioning to absorb shock.

It is also possible to change grips any time you want but buying new grips can be costly, takes time to adjust yourself to new grip and if you frequently change it, it will affect your game. So buy one with an already comfortable grip.

6) Certificates

Different leagues require different certificates. For example, in ASA, they allow only bats with ASA certifications. Hence, you must fully know the requirements if you want to play the league. To find out requirements, you can contact one league representatives or just look at their site. There is no point in investing so much in the bat if it’s not eligible for the league you want to play.

3 Common Mistakes to avoid when buying Slow Pitch Softball Bats:

These are 3 very common mistakes people make when deciding to buy a softball bat.

1) Bat prices equate to bat quality

There is a common misconception among softball players that the more money you spent on the bat the better their hitting performance will be. This could not be farther from the truth.

Some bats you hit best consistently may very well be the ones you spent less money, but that also does not necessarily mean that expensive bats are not good. Thus when you are shopping for a bat don’t focus on the price so much and get the one that has the characteristics you like in the bat.

2) Thinking bigger is better

Many softball players are in love in idea to crush home run so they want the heaviest bat possible. Sure, a heavy bat will help you hit the ball further, but it may also hurt your average and cause you to hit less long balls regularly.

It’s also true that a heavy bat will not help you much if you don’t have a home run style swing or how to swing a softball bat of your choice properly.  So be careful when putting too much emphasis on bat weight when buying a bat.

3) Buying the popular choice bat

One mistake that many softball players make that really hurts their game is to buy a bat based on a fact that many people liked it. Every softball player has different characteristics that a bat needs to meet for them.

Taking a one size fits all approach when buying slow pitch softball bats can really leave you underperforming. So, even if it’s true that popular choice may make most people thrilled with their game, buy a bat based on criteria that will have the best chance of enhancing your own hitting performance.

Notable Slowpitch Softball Bats Brands

DeMarini– One of the best brands in the world that make some world’s best bats. They are an American-made brand and have been crafting bats since 1989.

Easton– They have been around since 1969. While they have a short history, they are still very worthy brand to purchase. While most of these bats take a significant time to break in, once they are broken in, there is no stopping its best hitting barrel.

Louisville Slugger– One of the most famous brands of bats and more commonly used for Major League Baseball (MLB). They have been producing bats for over 130 years, and if anyone knows how to create a perfect bat, that would be Louisville Slugger.

Miken– As per their mission to raise the level of play for passionate and dedicated players by creating the most high-performance equipment. It can be proven with their unique composite bats. And it is said that if you are serious about softball, you are likely to be swinging a bat from Miken.

Slow Pitch Softball Bats that are actually worth it

Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Before you buy a bat, it will be great if you take some swings with it. It will help you get an overall idea of the bat.

However, you are intending to buy your softball bat online, you could actually check out its specs and reviews first. Chances are you are actually doing it now by reading this post, kudos to you!

In addition, you can even go to your local softball equipment store to try out the bats before getting it online.

After you finally bought it, try to stick with it because frequently changing your bat is not good for your game.

Here are the TOP 10 Slow Pitch Softball Bats of all times.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

easton slowpitch softball bats


  • Hot out of wrapper so that you will not need to wear her out before you use it to hit big
  • Miss no more because the sweet spot is amplified so no tinier sweet spots
  • No need to skip your daily coffee because the price is very cheap and the quality you get is great for that money


  • The grip is thin and wears off quickly

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This one-piece bat is with 100% IMX composite material that optimizes the sweet spot of the barrel and maximizes overall performance through the bat. It’s preferred by contact hitters, as it has evenly balanced swing weight to improve bat control and increase swing speed while going through the hitting zone.

Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip that gives you just the right amount of comfort and allows for you to still have a great feel for the barrel. Last, this Salvo is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF softball associations.


  • Single Piece Design
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32 inch Ultra- Thin Handle
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • 13,5-inch Barrel Length
  • Association Approval: USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF

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Easton Salvo Composite End Loaded USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Easton slowpitch bat loaded


  • You will get a comfortable grip and your friends will be impressed because this bat just looks really cool live
  • It is also hot out of wrapper so you will be hitting big second after you buy it
  • As with other Easton’s bats, it is really affordable and gives you the great quality you deserved without breaking the bank


  • The grip tends wears off at a faster pace
  • The sweet spot is kinda smaller than on the other models

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As with the previous bat, it’s a single-piece design and 100% composite material that optimizes that sweet spot. This Salvo is preferred by power hitters, as it has End Loaded Swing Weight, allowing more mass to meet the ball at the impact of increased hitting distance.

Its Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip gives you just right amount of comfort and it allows you to still have a great feel to the bat. Sadly, as a previous model, it wears off quickly so replace it with lizard skin after if you want more quality in that part. It’s approved by USSSA, NSA, and ISA so take a note at that if you want to play some other association.


  • Single Piece Design
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32 inches Ultra- Thin Handle
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel Weight
  • Association Approval: USSSA, NSA, and ISA

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DeMarini 2019 Flipper USA Slowpitch Bat

Demarini SlowPitch Softball Bats


  • You won’t regret getting this bat before it has the best cosmetics out of all the bats so far making you look even more professional
  • It is very hot looking and furthermore, it is top-notch technology
  • Zero vibrations so no more those pesky vibrations every time you hit the ball


  • Only approved by ASA

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DeMarini slowpitch softball bats come with industry-leading technology and eye-catching cosmetics. For the newest season, The Flipper USA bat features an even more wicked design than before.

With half and a half, two-piece, end-loaded construction, this slow pitch bat comes with 100% composite barrel and the ZnX Alloy Handle that increases stiffness and durability by offering less flex, the witch at the end results in premium performance.

The 100% composite barrel, also known as Divergence barrel, comes with a gapped design that provides smooth feel on contact, a tremendous trampoline effect, and extended sweet spot. As the names say, they make each piece in the USA, and they are very proud of that. Keep in mind that this model is approved by ASA only so it’s limited to that association.


  • Two-Piece Bat Construction
  • Advanced Performance Composite Barrel
  • ZnX Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel
  • Approved For ASA Only

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Easton FF2 13.5″ Loaded USSSA Slow Pitch Bat SP19FF2L



  • You will get masterclass technology and it is the best Easton has to offer till date
  • Your swing will get better and smoother with every swing you take because it is made with new 360 exact carbon composite barrel for an all-rounded performance
  • Your bat speed will be instantly increased with it’s New Optimised Player Weighing Technology.


  • In terms of the price little less affordable than other Easton bats

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New for 2019 season, Easton slowpitch softball bats are made to the edge of perfection and built to last. The Fire Flex Loaded uses Easton third-generation Fire Flex technology that provides soft barrel compression right out of the wrapper, with a re-engineered new layup that provides dynamic 360 EXACT carbon composite barrel technology for 360-degree barrel performance.

Optimized player swing weight takes into account barrel length, barrel flex, and handle stiffness, providing a loaded feel with a smooth swing weight for maximum performance. The patented and proven two-piece ConneXion+ technology has been redesigned to guarantee best- in- class feel with a serious reduction in vibration. It also comes with three serious certifications, by USSSA, NSA, and ISA, which is great.


  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • 100% 360 Exact Carbon Composite Design
  • ConneXion+ Barrel- to- Handle Technology
  • Fire Flex Barrel Technology
  • Hot Right Out Of Wrapper with 240- 250 Compression
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 13,5-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

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2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP19FFGD

Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced Slow Pitch Softball Bat


  • If you are either a heavy hitter or a timing one, worry no more about deciding the model of your bat because this is an engineered to be a balanced model which is suitable for both type of players
  • Super-sleek design and it’s possibly the coolest design you can ever get with softball bats if you are a fan of black with touches of gold.
  • Great technology that assures you it’s extremely high performance in the arms of experienced players
  • Almost no bad vibrations so your hit will be a dream because it will be as clean as it could possibly get


  • Its higher place makes this bat less affordable if you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap slowpitch softball bat

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This black and gold Fire Flex uses Easton’s third-generation Flex barrel technology to ensure explosive pop and solid feel during everyday bat. It’s recommended that you do 100- 150 swings with contact before you flex on more pitches during your season.

On that barrel end, advanced EXACT carbon will deliver exceptional durability that won’t let you down. This piece also has ConneXion+ technology that guarantees best- in- class feels and reduces vibrations.

Barrel length is 14 inches, has a standard 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter, and a balanced swing weight that will speed up your swings for sure. It also has three certifications in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • Moderate break-in period so it will take a while until you flex on more pitches with it
  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • EXACT Carbon Composite Barrel
  • Flex Barrel Technology
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • ConneXion+ Barrel- to- Handle Technology
  • 14-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

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Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat

louisville slugger slow pitch softball bats


  • Great for power hitters, if you are a power hitter this is the best choice for your game
  • Hot out of wrapper so it’s game- ready right after you buy it
  • Power- loaded option for better swing momentum really helps you to hit that ball to a maximum length


  • Not approved by ASA
  • Paint might get scratch if not properly maintained

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They construct the super Z1000 series for 2019 as a two-piece and crafted with 100% composite material. They make the barrel with Louisville Slugger’s high-end LS- 2X composite, featuring quicker break-in design for maximum performance right out of the wrapper.

The IST XStiff wrapper gives this bat stiffer feel for increased energy transfer, while also keeping the bat from feeling too whippy as you swing through hitting zone. The End- Loaded Swing Weight adds more weight to the end of the barrel, giving this Z1000 series more power potential if you are strong enough to efficiently whip it through hitting zone.


  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • Steven Lloyd Signature Series
  • 100% LS Composite Design
  • IST XStiff Handle Technology
  • Removable Pyramid Taper
  • Synthetic Leather Bat Grip
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel Handle
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, ISA

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Mizuno 2019 Crush End Load (USSSA) Slow Pitch Softball Bat

mizuno slow pitch softball bats


  • Excellent power so you can jolly well rest assure that the ball will go long whenever you hit it with this Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • Feels really great when you hold it and the plus-size is the design just looks really awesome
  • Game-ready as soon as you buy it so you hit that break-in period right away


  • Not cheap

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Possibly the hottest Mizuno slow pitch softball bat, the Orange Crush has a springboard surface that is that’s super hot right out of the wrapper and game ready from day one. They construct this bat with Black Onyx Carbon and Triple Wall barrel to increase durability with close attention to detail.

A thin Micro- WhipTM grip gives you a better feel, while two-piece LINKTM technology reduces vibrations and gives you an amazing feel of solid contact. Optimized End Cap creates a booming sound and increases that sweet spot. End- Loaded Swing weight is also there for added distance. Orange Crush also features three different certification stamps in USSSA, NCA, and ISA.


  • Two-piece Construction
  • 100% Black Onyx Carbon Composite Design
  • Optimized End Cap For Huge Sweet Spot
  • Micro- WhipTM Grip For Increased Fell
  • LINK Technology That Reduces Vibrations
  • 12-inch Barrel Length
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

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DeMarini 2019 Flipper OG Slow Pitch Bat

demarini slow pitch softball bats


  • Pop right out of wrapper so its game- ready for you from day one when you receive it from Amazon.
  • The sweet spot is huge and that easily allows you to hit it more often than not and breaking your best batting record
  • Great control and overall feel so you can be sure to send the ball wherever you want it to go


  • Approved by ASA only so you can’t play with it in other associations

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DeMarini always comes in with industry-leading technology and eye-catching cosmetics. For the newest season, they crafted Flipper OG, especially for crushers. With half and a half, two-piece, mid-load construction, this slow pitch softball bat comes with 100% composite barrel and the ZnX alloy handle that increases stiffness and durability by offering less flex, which ultimately results in premium performance right of the bat.

The 100% composite barrel features a divergence gapped wall barrel bat that sandwiches air between two layers of composite material creating a super responsive sweet spot. DeMarini Flipper OG has a 13-inch barrel length and the proven RCK knob that fits really comfortably into the bottom hand. Sadly, it’s approved only by ASA so you can’t use this premium bat elsewhere.


  • Two-piece Hybrid Softball Bat
  • Zinc Alloy Handle Creates Stiffness With Contact
  • Traditional RCK Knot Fits Perfectly Into Bottom Hand
  • Half+ Half Construction Comes With A Composite Barrel and An Alloy Handle
  • Mid load Barrel Weight
  • Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance
  • Divergence Barrel Creates Maximum Softness and Trampoline Effect
  • 13-inch Barrel Length With A Huge Sweet Spot
  • Approved Only For ASA

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Miken 2019 Freak 23 Kyle Pearson Signature Model USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat, 12″ barrel

miken slowpitch softball bats


  • If you are a great fan of Kyle Pearson, good news for you! This Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat is recommended, approved and used by this great sportsman himself, who is also the MVP of USSSA, and it is also his signature bat
  • It has excellent pop so rest assure you will hear it when you hit the ball and know that you hit it well
  • Revolutionary modern technology assures you that this is one of the best bats you will ever find in the market till date


  • It doesn’t have ASA approval if that is your choice of association

Buy it now from Amazon.


Miken slowpitch softball bats provide elite technology with great cosmetics is out of this world. The Freak 23 USSSA bat pairs Kyle Pearson’s signature end-load weighting with Kyle’s signature max load weighting combined with a highly reactive barrel for players that prefer short barrel for consistent power.

Inside The Freak 23, Miken uses what’s called the Triple Matrix Core+ technology that eliminates wall seams and enhances the layering process to guarantee consistency, expand the sweet spot, and amplify pop during everyday softball drills. Between the powerful barrel and skinny handle, the Flex 2 Power (also known as F2P) technology optimizes both barrel loading and flex to help boost bat speed through the hitting zone without sacrificing control.

Its short 12-inch barrel length and its end- load is preferred by players who want more power. This model is the weapon of choice of USSSA men’s major offensive Kyle Pearson, and it’s approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • USSSA MVP Kyle Pearson’s Signature Softball Bat
  • Three- Piece Composite Softball Bat
  • Tetra- Core Technology Increases Sweet Spot Size And Durability
  • Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology Optimizes Flex And Barrel Loading To Maximize Speed Through Zone
  • Revolutionary 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers To Deliver Legendary Performance & Durability
  • 12-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

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DeMarini 2019 Uprising

demarini slow pitch softball bat


  • Approved by every association so you have no restriction of that part and can play it in whatever association you want it
  • Price is pretty cheap so its affordable option if you have a tight budget to work with
  • Its beginner-friendly bat so its great for a start if you are one yourself


  • If you are a pro player you would want something heavier to play with

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The Uprising bat features DeMarini’s revamped Alloy and Hybrid Performance grip so you get a great feeling when you grip the bat and when it connects. This bat has the perfect balance of performance and durability at a more affordable price and is recommended for beginners.

It has a great white and blue cosmetics and a balanced swing weight. They make the Uprising from DeMarini with one-piece bat construction and crafted out of 100% Aluminum Alloy.  The barrel is hot right out of wrapper and game- ready from day one.

The two-piece bat grip, called Hybrid Performance Bat Grip, gives off a tacky feel so you can grip it and rip it. The Uprising is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and SSUSA so it gives you a wide range of associations where you can play it.


  • One-piece Alloy Bat Construction
  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Hybrid Performance Bat Grip
  • Light And Balanced Swing Weight
  • Recommended For Younger Players
  • Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance
  • -12 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Approved For Play In USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and SSUSA

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Which Slow Pitch Softball Bat will you get?

softball drills

So, these are our best slow pitch softball bats reviews. If you want to buy a slow pitch softball bat, there are several things you should watch out. You need to watch out if it’s one- piece or two-piece depending what game you want to play, what is a bat’s weight and “drop“ or difference between length and weight, whether its composite or alloy material, what length of the bat is, it’s grip is both firm and comfortable so you wouldn’t change it later and what certificates bat has if you want to play in one of an association’s leagues.

You also need to remember that bat, as well as for most softball equipment, price doesn’t equate bat quality, that bigger bat may not always be better and also that popular is not always something that is better for you. We hope that we helped you with our tips, and with our choices of current great bats on the market and that you will find the bat that will help you hit that ball hard and long.

Our verdict

If you are just starting out as a beginner, we would recommend you the Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat to start with.

However, if you are already a powerhouse experienced softball player, you should definitely go for the 2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP19FFGD.

Please let us know what your opinions on these bats in the comments section below.

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