Best Softball Cleats You Must Have to Own the Field [Updated: 2019]

Best Softball Cleats

Whether you are playing fastpitch or slowpitch, winning and enjoying the game of softball are tied to several factors but the most important of which is your equipment. One of the most vital pieces of softball equipment that determines your agility and running in the game is your softball cleats.

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New Balance Women's Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleats
New-Balance-Womens-Velo-V1-Metal-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
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Mizuno, MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced Finch Elite 3 Women's Fastpitch Softball Cleat
MIZD9-9-Spike-Advanced-Finch-Elite-3-Womens-Fastpitch-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
Under armor Women's Glyde TPU Softball CleatsUnder-armor-Womens-Glyde-TPU-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Under armor Women's Glyde RM  Softball CleatsUnder-armor-Womens-Glyde-RM-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Women's Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball CleatWomens-Swift-4-Fast-Pitch-Metal-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
Adidas Performance Women's Wheelhouse 2 W Softball CleatsAdidas-Performance-Womens-Wheelhouse-2-W-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
 Adidas Women's Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball CleatsAdidas-Womens-Fastpitch-4-Metal-W-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Nike Women's Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball CleatNike-Womens-Hyperdiamond-2-Keystone-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon

Wearing the wrong softball cleats can be very uncomfortable since you will have less traction with it and will not be able to move well while playing the game.

This then can lead to low performance and loss of the match. Worse still, because of the nature of the softball field, which is made up of dirt and field, it can result in injury.

So you see, wearing proper softball cleats is unnegotiable when playing your favourite game.

 Due to the vast market for softball cleats and several manufacturers producing it, there are a whole lot of options and varieties available for you when purchasing your softball cleat. 

Depending on your preference and mode of playing softball, the softball cleats available for you include fastpitch softball cleats, softball cleats for girls, softball metal cleats and youth softball cleats.

Having gotten interested in softball cleats, then the question arises- where to buy softball cleats? You can buy your softball cleats from shopping sites like Amazon and eBay or from your local store.

However, not all the softball cleats in the market are up to par and finding the right one for yourself might be problematic and time-consuming. The good news is that we have done the job for you.

After carrying out thorough research, we listed the best softball cleats you can get in the market……

These softball cleats that we are going to recommend are of the highest quality, they have high purchase sales and have loads of positive reviews online.

You are surely going to find one that fit your preference in our list below.

Do You Need Cleats for Softball?

In a world where you have freedom of choice, it seems like you can wear anything to play softball. Options like football cleats, soccer cleats or even a pair of sneakers, are available for you.

However, this is not recommended and can be very dangerous. Softball like every other sport has its specific gear that you must wear whenever you are on the softball field, and cleats are an essential part of them.

Here are the reasons why you need cleats:

Firstly it is recommended to wear softball cleats because of the nature of the softball field, which is quite different from other sports fields like football and basketball. A softball field is all dirt and ground, and softball cleats are specifically designed for this field.

Softball cleats are thinner and angled differently and built to dig into infield dirt when players make their pitch. Soccer and football shoes, however, aid movement by grabbing traction between the roots of the grass.

It is essential that you wear softball cleats for safety reasons and staying free of injuries on the softball field. While other shoes might get you slipping or falling on the ground,  a right softball cleat will give you the stability you need.

Wearing softball cleats also aid your movement and traction on the field. You don’t get slow down when running through the help of the cleats under the toes of your softball cleats. These cleats grab onto the dirt and enable you to run faster. Soccer cleats do not have the toe cleat since it could injure other players on the field.

Softball cleats are usually made of synthetic leather which makes the cleats lighter and aids comfortability on the field. Also because of the way softball is played, only softball cleats can last long and make you comfy when playing. There are special cleats, designed for pitchers who tend to wear out the toes of their cleats faster than other players.

Another reason why you need softball cleats is that they remain the best cleats you can put on, amidst other shoes backed by the rules when playing softball. So you might need to start shopping for softball cleats if you are interested in playing softball professionally.

Lastly wearing the right softball gear, including softball cleats can make all the difference between winning or losing in a softball game.

Metal Cleats Vs. Rubber Cleats Softball

Metal Softball Cleats
Rubber softball cleats
Rubber Softball Cleats                                                     

Softball is a game that requires fielding and running and as such players need traction and stability while playing on the field. The answer to players’ quests is softball cleats which are designed to aid movement and fit the hard play that comes with the softball field.

Softball cleats are made with metal and rubber materials, and each type of softball cleat has specific features and benefits that come with using them.

Their pros and cons are as stated:

Firstly metal cleats grip much better than rubber, especially in an aggressive or hard game. Outfielders need metal cleats on wet grass, and pitchers need metal cleats on hard infields. The chances of slipping are reduced with metal cleats since their spikes dig into grass and dirt deeper than rubber spikes.

Traction derived from metal cleats are higher than that of rubber cleats. They aid movement better and are best for avoiding knee or ankle injuries when you come to an abrupt stop on the field.  Metal cleats are more durable than rubber or plastic and are more fit for a fastpitch softball game.

However, metal cleats are louder than rubber cleats, and also they are cumbersome, unlike rubber cleats that are nondescript and quiet. Metal cleats are usually more expensive than rubber cleats and may not be for customers with a low budget.

Some softball leagues and associations ban the use of metal cleats to guard against injury. Rules prohibiting metal cleats can be mainly found at the youth or women level. 

For example, in professional softball, no one under 18 is allowed to use metal cleats. Also, ASA Gold softball prohibits the use of metal cleats for Junior Olympic fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball and also for coed and senior slow-pitch softball.

These rules can be attributed to the general knowledge that metal cleats are prone to more severe injuries than rubber cleats.

Rubber cleats, on the other hand, are accepted in all softball leagues. They are best suited for travel ball and are cheaper than metal cleats. Rubber cleats are reliable and effective and can be used on and off the field, unlike metal cleats that can scrape or damage floors. Rubber cleats, however, wear quickly than metal cleats and are not very efficient on hard infields.

Here are the TOP 10 Best Selling Softball Cleats:

[#1 Best Seller Cleats]

New Balance Women’s Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleats 


Product overview

This is an excellent product for women from New Balance specifically aimed at fastpitch softball. Apart from the fact that these softball cleats are stylish and cute when worn, they are also very comfortable and durable.

The Velo V1 metal softball cleats are high for the game of softball without adding blisters to the leg. Unlike regular braces, it is easily adjustable and has excellent cushioning that gives you the traction you need when playing softball.

The cleats are made to fit the size and bereft of the discomfort and blisters that are associated with new shoes.

Design and Features

The Velo V1 metal softball cleats have several unique features which include a body made up of textile and synthetic, thereby featuring a perforated synthetic vamp and sole, for comfortability, and a brand new RevLite Midsole. The insert of the cleats can also be easily removed and replaced.

Other Amazing Features

  • A brand new plate that aids flexibility in the forefoot and torsion.

You want to make sure you are moving well and fast in a game of softball and with this brand new plate, your flexibility is assured.

  • Lace cage tongue that allows users to tuck in their laces firmly

It can really be a PITA when you are playing on the field and your attention is being diverted by loose cleat laces. This feature will save you all that trouble.

  • A one-piece perforated synthetic upper vamp that ensures traction and breathability as well lits the ripping of the cleats.
  • A soft full-length midsole made with fresh foam that makes the cleats plush and comfy.

What this midsole does is to give you a comfortable feeling while focusing on your game.


  • It is budget-friendly

You don’t have to break the bank or save for a year before you acquire this cleat. It is very affordable and dependable.

  • It is built for performance and drive.

New balance Velo v1 softball cleats have been tested and trusted to aid your performance while on the pitch.

  • It is stylish and looks good

These cleats will look so good on you that you might want to wear them to your next prom.

  • It is comfortable to wear

The free feeling you get from your sneakers or other fashion shoes is the one promised by these cleats. You will feel so comfortable wearing them that you might even forget to put them off after your softball match

  • It is very durable

These cleats have been confirmed by reviewers to be long-lasting and tough irrespective of the hard softball drilling they are used for.

  • It fits perfectly

         You don’t have to worry whether the shoe will size you or not since it has over 80% size as the expected rate on Amazon, meaning the chance of the cleats fitting you is very high.

  • It is built with breathability and torsion in mind

Playing any type of game, especially softball in tight or itchy shoes can be very discomforting and can lead to loss of the match. Be rest assured that these cleats  are  designed with your comfortability in mind


  • It is manufactured mostly in white colours which can get dirty after a series of games.
  •  laces are short
  • May come in smaller sizes, so customers are advised to buy one size bigger than their intended size.

Check out this #1 best seller “New Balance Women’s Velo V1 Metal Softball Shoe” which comes in 7 different stylish colours on Amazon.

[Our Top Recommended Cleats]

Mizuno, MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced Finch Elite 3 Women’s Fastpitch Softball Cleat


Product overview

Rated as one of the best softball cleats for women, the MIZD9 9-Spike is the rave for playing fastpitch softball. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cleats are very comfortable and super light.

They are built to withstand the hard play that comes with fastpitch softball, through the ultimate cushioning, stability and excellent traction they offer to players. The MIZD9 9-Spike cleats grip them firmly during a match. They fit right, look great and do the job well.

Design and Features

The MIZD9 9-Spike cleats are made with Textile and Synthetic. They feature a rubber sole with a nine spike advanced outsole great for fastpitch softball, especially when you are playing on an artificial turf field.

The shaft measures are approximately low-top from the arch, which aids stability and traction.

Other Amazing Features


  • Specially designed for fastpitch softball

This cleat is just perfect for your fastpitch softball match. Built to withstand rough play,  you can rest assured that this cleat “got your feet” when playing your game.

  • Comfortable and durable

What more can you want from a softball cleat? If its comfortability and durability are assured, then you are good to go.

  • Light and Fitting

These cleats are light on your feet and aid your flight on the softball field. What’s more? There is a high possibility you get your perfect size when you purchase it.

  • Made with high-quality material.

This is a good perk of these softball cleats. With its high-quality material, you are guaranteed of durability.


  • Large toe box
  • Depending on the cleats usage, spikes may wear down fast.

Check out the price of this pair of Mizuno’s cleats on Amazon

Under armor Women’s Glyde TPU Softball Cleats


Product overview

The women’s Glyde TPU Softball Cleats by Under armor is good to purchase for yourself or your female kids because of its amazing features and the high level of comfortability it offers.

The cleats fit nicely and provide good support, as well as providing excellent comfort to you on the softball field. It is highly durable and built to survive any form of softball drills, and can even last a full season. It is also lovely and sleek to the eyes.

The best thing about  Glyde TPU cleats is that you get it at a reasonable price.

Design and Features

Under armor TPU Softball cleat is made of synthetic materials, and it features a rubber sole with shaft measures that are approximately low-top from arch.

Comfort and durability are guaranteed by the presence of Die-cut EVA sock liner and an engineered synthetic upper.

The weight of the cleats is around 8.5 oz to 10 oz.

Other amazing features

  • A full-length ArmourBound™ midsole that  provides comfort to the foot, absorbs shock and ensures cleat dispersion
  • Rubber molded cleats placed under the heel and forefoot for more comfortable traction
  • UA-engineered coated mesh upper to give the cleats the comfort and feel of a sneaker.


  • Very affordable

This is a good point for Under armor softball cleat. Even with all its beautiful features, it is still budget-friendly.

  • Durable and built to last

Even if you are bill gate’s daughter,you still want to use your new softball cleat for several matches before changing it. These softball cleats won’t last several matches however, they will last a season!  And maybe a year or more, even with hard play.

  • Long shoelaces

Shoelaces are important for keeping the cleats firm on the legs and the longer they are, the better they are.

  • Absorbs shock easily.

The last thing you want to be worried about when playing an aggressive softball game is your cleat coming off or giving way. Under armor is aware of this and therefore made these cleats shock absorbant

  • Lightweight traction

You don’t want to feel like you are carrying the weight of “Thor’s hammer” when wearing your cleats. These softball cleats are not heavy and do not put pressure on your legs.


  • Cleats are small in size and customers may buy one size bigger to get their perfect fit.
  • Maybe a little tight.

Check out the price of Under Armour Women’s Glyde TPU Softball Shoe on Amazon

Under armor Women’s Glyde RM  Softball Cleats


Product overview

This is another decent softball cleats for women/girls in the collection of Under armor, the cleats share several similarities with the Glyde TPU softball cleats such as excellent comfort and durability, traction and ultimate cushion.

The Glyde RM softball cleats are also cute to look at and are perfect for playing fastpitch or slow-pitch softball. Just like the Glyde TPU, the cleats are very affordable and comes in different colours like black, white and pink.

Design and Features

The Glyde RM is made with synthetic leather and rubber, and it features a rubber sole. It also comes with an engineered synthetic upper mesh and a full-length Armour Bound midsole.

It is designed to have a sneaker-like feel and comfort, hence the coated textile forefoot, which also makes it durable and less prone to wear and tear.

Other Amazing Features

  • Glyde RM cleats are rubber molded which gives room for more traction and comfort
  • Shock absorption and cleat dispersion capabilities enabled by the ArmourBound midsole.
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner which provides elite comfort and makes the cleats highly durable.


  • Available in several colours

Isn’t it nice to be able to get your shoe in your favorite colour and not just limited to white and black?

These softball cleats are even available in pink!

So what’s not to like about it?

  • Budget-Friendly

You don’t need to get a loan before you purchase this cleat, it is very affordable and cost just a few dollars

  • Fit well and very comfortable

These cleats are very comfy and nice to wear, you would want to keep wearing them even after leaving the softball field


  • The various sizes of the Glyde RM Cleats are small in size and customers may buy one size bigger to get their perfect fit.
  • You may find it too narrow and not cover fully for your liking.

Check out the price of Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM Softball Shoe on Amazon

Women’s Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball Cleat


Product overview

These amazing cleats got a whole lot of positive reviews trailing it online. Perhaps the best metal softball cleats for pitchers, they are very affordable and came in the exact sizing as expected from Mizuno.

They are comfy and plush to wear and also, give superior traction to your heels and forefoot.

Unlike several metal cleats that make your feet hurt after wearing them, Mizuno Swift 4 Metal Softball cleats are very comfortable and will not give you blisters, or cut your feet even after many hours of playing in them.

These cleats are also very durable and could last the year-round, even with hard play. They come in many different beautiful colours like white, royal blue, green and black.

Design and Features

The key features of Swift 4 metal softball cleats include a 9-Spike® outsole designed for superior traction and comfort and a full-length midsole for maximum traction.

Another nice feature of the lace-up softball cleat is the padded “booty” tongue of the cleats which is excellent for a perfect fit.

The Mizuno Wave technology used in making the cleats provides the right amount of cushioning and stability.

Other Amazing Features

  • The cleats are 100% synthetic, including the sole.
  • A perforated upper with a breathable mesh lining which makes the cleats comfier.


  • Affordable price

Be rest assured. These cleats with their mind-blowing features are not only for the wealthy and powerful. They have a low price tag that will fit well your budget.

  • Comes in six different colours

The colour combinations that you can get with these cleats are quite awesome. Royal blue, green,  black.. Just mention them.

  • Durable and plushy

These cleats are just only fine to look at, they are durable and long-lasting. They are also plushy and it feels good to wear them.

  • Lace-up comfortably

Your cleats are laced up nicely so you can focus on your game and not worry about laces coming off.


  • You may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit.

Check out the pricing of swift 4 on Amazon

Adidas Performance Women’s Wheelhouse 2 W Softball Cleats

Adidas Performance Women's Wheelhouse 2 W Softball Cleat

Product overview

These Adidas cleats are another excellent option for women. With their molded rubber outsole and lining, buyers are assured of comfortability and excellent traction.

These cleats offer great support to the you, and they also look good on the softball field. With excellent padding for superior fit and to help pitchers move faster.

In addition, they are really affordable and practical, and they are packed with extra colourful shoelaces.

Design and Features

The Addidas Wheelhouse 2 W softball cleats are 100% synthetic keeping the cleats lightweight and excellent in all weather conditions.

They feature a rubber sole, which is excellent for comfort, better traction and the chance of slipping also gets reduced. The mid-cut bright cleats feature a unique camo print outsole and lining.


  • Very affordable

We wouldn’t list a softball cleat if our readers can’t get it a friendly price, This softball cleat is just evidence of that.

  • Lightweight and offers good traction

You need good traction to move well on the softball field. This softball cleat doesn’t just feel light, it also aids your reflexes while playing your game.

  • Comfortable to wear

           You don’t need to worry about blisters, This softball cleat has a rubber outsole that makes it very comfortable and plushy.

  • Comes with extra shoelaces

Many owners were happy with this feature of Addidas performance softball cleats. These extra shoelaces are also in different colours adding to the beauty of the cleats


  • They are more for a narrow foot.

Check out the price of this Adidas cleats on Amazon now.

 Adidas Women’s Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats

Adidas Women's Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats

Adidas is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to sports shoes and cleats, and these top metal softball cleats for women are just evidence of that.

These cleats are built with elite pitchers who play fastpitch softball in mind. The metal cleats dig in well when swinging, and they allow for reliable stability and fast performance.

With a padded collar, a lightweight TPU outsole, a drag-reducing toe cap, and durable upper, these cleats have proven to be the best amongst other softball cleats.

These cleats are available in three ecstatically pleasing colours Black, running white and metallic silver.

Design and Features

The Adidas fastpitch 4 metal women’s softball cleats and sole are made with synthetic leather, making them more lightweight and easy to move around.

They feature an 8-spike configuration which makes the cleats more reliable and a padded collar to make it more comfortable.

The fold-over tongue protects the laces, promoting durability.

The cleats have a low top from the arch configuration which allows for more ankle mobility and traction without negating support.


  • Comfortable to wear

Addidas puts comfortability in mind when making shoes and this softball cleat is no exception.

  • Allows for solid stability.

With these cleats, you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling. The metal cleats of these Adidas softball cleats are firmly grip to the ground aiding your movement.

  • Protection of laces

Your shoelaces are held frimly and do not loosen when playing your game.

  • Beautiful design

This softball cleat has a cool design that is good to look at.


  • Sizes may be smaller; hence, you may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit.

Check out “Adidas Women’s Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats” on Amazon now.

Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat

Nike Women's Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat

These softball cleats by Nike are so cute that reviewers refer to them as one of the most adorable softball cleats for women.

Apart from their beautiful aesthetics and design, which makes them a favourite among softball players, they are also loved for their high quality features. 

These features include lightweight, simplicity and the comfy feeling players get when they are being worn. These cleats are also durable and can be effectively used to play other sports such as baseball and rugby.

With the cleats best traction, which allows players to run faster, you will surely feel an improvement in your game whether you are a pitcher or an outfielder.

Design and Features

Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat is made with a durable synthetic leather which adds to the lightweight feel of the cleat and a TPU mesh upper for durability.

It features a solid rubber outsole with 12 cleats that aids traction and reduces your chances of slipping on the field. A phylon midsole to provide lightweight cushioning and a low-top silhouette that gives you a low-to-the-ground feel.


  • Very cute and adorable

Be warned. You will fall in love with this softball cleat the moment you see it. This softball cleat will get you standing out and looking nice on the field.

  • Lightweight
  • Superior traction

This softball cleat is made from synthetic leather, making it very light and easy on the legs, while not neglecting superior traction

  • Affordable price

You would think this softball cleat with its beautiful features would be extremely expensive but no, it is available at a reasonable price.

  • Fit as expected

This softball cleat has a very high fit as expected percentage on Amazon, so don’t be afraid of it not fitting you

  • Durable

Nothing is sacrificed for another in the making of these softball cleats. While you will like wearing it for its good aesthetics, it is also good to know that they are very durable.

  • Can be used to play other games effectively

This cleat is like a multi-purpose cleat. People have used it to play other games like baseball and rugby.


  • Sizes may run small; hence, you may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit
  • Too shiny and sharp looking

Check out the price of Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat on Amazon

How To Buy The Best Softball Cleats

How to buy the best softball cleats

There are several points you must consider when buying your softball cleats. Softball is a game that requires speed and agility, and as such, you should go for cleats that would give you the desired comfort and traction when playing the game. 

Here are your 8 criterias to check while buying your softball cleats:

1) League requirements – Always check your league rules and prohibitions before buying your software cleats to avoid purchasing a type that is not allowed in your league.

Most youth and amateur softball leagues ban metal cleats, while some high school, college, and professional associations allow them.

2) Softball cleats type: Softball cleats are made in different styles including metal, rubber, molded and training or turf. Every kind of softball cleat has its benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, metal cleats offer the best traction on the field but are often prohibited in individual leagues.

Turf cleats are more comfortable than regular cleats, but they are not very efficient in the field. You should know the perks you are looking for and the type of cleats that best fit your needs.

3) Your field position: The position you play should also influence your decision when buying softball cleats. Some cleats are built explicitly for your position.

For instance, if you are a pitcher, then a cleat with a reinforced toe is your best option.

Metal cleats are recommended for infielders and outfielders because it picks up less dirt and makes them sprint faster.

4) Fastpitch or slowpitch: Your mode of playing softball also comes into play, when purchasing softball cleats. Although there are softball cleats built for general play, there are also cleats that are designed for particular gameplay.

Usually, a specific mode softball cleat is more effective than a general cleat, when playing that mode of softball.

5) Brand reputation: There are several manufacturers producing softball cleats. These brands include Addidas, Nike, Mizuno, and Under Armor. Check the reputability and product follow up of the brand before purchasing their cleats.

6) Price: Your budget is also vital in choosing software cleats. While some expensive cleats offer great features, chances are, you would see other less expensive cleats with similar characteristics. Make sure you are buying the best quality irrespective of your budget.

7) Cleat Fit: Players should always endeavor to check to see if their preferred cleat fits as expected before ordering it. If it scores above 80% on Amazon, then you are good to go.

8) Customer Reviews: Lastly, check for the customer reviews of your chosen softball cleat on shopping sites or other review sites before buying it.

Best Softball Cleats? Making Your Decision

softball cleats on grass

Both metal and rubber cleats are great for the game of softball. However, when deciding which one to purchase, for metal cleats,  check the rules of your league and see if it is accepted or not.

However, metal cleats are better suited for experienced adult athletes in highly competitive leagues. Recreational or young players should opt for rubber cleats, and should only use metal cleats under the supervision of a coach.

However, the level of technology used in making cleats has increased over the years. You now have the chance to opt for interchangeable cleats.

These cleats have releases that allow them to be changed from metal to rubber and vice versa.

This means that you can easily change the cleats based on playing surface or league rules. The cleats are changed by screwing them in and out of the sole of the shoe

So, which of the cleats are your favourites? Do drop us a comment and let us know.

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