My Daughter Plays Softball And Doesn’t Want to Play in College! But she’s STILL a SOFTBALL PLAYER!

There. I said it. Or wrote it. Ok, typed it.

My daughter plays softball almost every weekend of her life and she doesn’t want to play in college. But She’s STILL a SOFTBALL PLAYER! She’s just as gritty, her socks stink just as much, she practices just as hard and she LOVES the game just as much as so many other girls.

I know what you are thinking. “Oh, here’s a mom that says her daughter doesn’t want to play in college because she sucks, so she’s just letting her down easy. But nope. Nope. That’s not it.

She’s a great softball player. I guarantee if given the chance any coach would want her keeping up with centerfield and batting leadoff on their team.

Like so many of you reading this, we started young and have been all over the place dragging buckets. We’ve dropped more than a sack of dimes on lessons. For a while, she even played on one of the most high profile travel teams in our area.

And then one day, she just fessed up. She loves the game, she loves to compete, she loves everything about softball – but she doesn’t really care or necessarily want to play once she ages out. She also is fine with playing on a team with her friends that plays more local.

When she dropped that little bombshell, I was taken aback. She was 16, and I figured that she probably just had no idea what she really wanted. But then I realized that playing collegiately sort of just takes on a life of its own when you are in a sport.

It’s as if we HAVE to be playing for a bigger reason, right? We have to be doing something that promotes our daughter’s future success, or all this time and money is just wasted, right? I mean what praytell is the point of just playing a game or sport if there isn’t some BIGGER PLAN?????

Showcases and big money ball and travel and college talk just seem to naturally integrate the softball field chatter. Like, “oh she’s so good, where does she want to play in college?” So we all go along with it.

Asking a 14-year-old if they want to play softball in college is a pretty stupid question when you really think about it. And this isn’t to say that many young girls KNOW exactly what they want – because many do, but the reality is that their frontal lobe isn’t even developed yet, they can barely match socks at times or figure out what to eat at a restaurant. Playing softball in college to ‘them’ is being one of the teams in the WCWS.

And the reality is we never really ASKED her, we just assumed since she went along with it all – and she just went along with it all because she just assumed her dad and I knew what the hell we were doing.

The funny thing is with kids that things change! And they change fast. Your child is different at `10 than she was at 8, and is different at 14 than she was at 10, and way different at 17 than she was even at 15.

And the even funnier thing is, that we all sort of just assume that we know what our kids want and it becomes what WE want, and our kids just want to please us and MOSTLY THEY JUST WANT TO PLAY BALL!

The other thing that I feel is important to mention is that so many of seem to somehow measure our parenting success by the level of play, or team that our daughter plays on. We feel guilty if we dont go all out, whether we can afford it or not. It’s like a silent competition that we get wrapped up in. And so naturally, the future of our daughters is a competition too. Instead of just cheering each other on, we get fueled up by the fact that Suzy is going to Alabama and our daughter is looking D3…. We measure OUR success by it. Or we bow up and strut around talking about how our daughter is going to play for FLORIDA GATORS….

Anyhoo….my daughter doesn’t want to play in college.

She just doesn’t.

But she DOES want to play ball. And even though we play almost every weekend now (on Saturdays only), and we have zero plans to fly out to Colorado to be part of that money grab this year, and even though her uniform might look a little plain to you….she is still ONE HELL OF AN ATHLETE.

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She is still a softball player. (A pretty badass one at that) She's just a softball player that doesn't want to play in college. And you know what? That is OK. 

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Infield Softball Drills – Top 5 [Coaches Best Choice in 2019]

Infield Softball Drills
       Infield Softball Drills
Infield softball drills place an important role in the everyday practice of your team. Fielding ground balls might not be as great as hitting home runs, but there is no denying in the importance of fundamental defense.

        As a coach, you want your players to get better by practicing, but at the same time, you don’t want them to get bored. That is why you need to put more thought into selecting the infield softball drills you use so that your infield players can progress properly.

        Your infield drills for softball must suit the playing level of your players, which means you can’t use college softball infield drills for 10- year old newbies.

So, without further ado, here are the TOP 5 Softball Infield Drills you can use in everyday training and which are fun and will help your infielders deal more effectively with grounders and other situations:

1) Blind Wall Infield Softball Drill

Blind wall infield softball drills
  • This drill requires 3 players
  • Set 2 cones about 20 feet apart
  • A player stands at each cone with an empty bucket
  • The third player stays in the middle as he/she faces the wall
  • Coach stands behind the third player with a bucket full of softballs
  • Throw the balls at the wall
  • Fielder deals with each ball as they alternately throw the ball to the left and then right player
  • Run each drill for 45 seconds for each fielder

        This kind of softball infield drills requires at least 3 players so you won’t have too many players get bored by the sideline. It also requires cones from softball equipment, but if you want to add the challenge, you may want to use paddles or softball infielder gloves.

       With this infield softball drill, your infielders can learn the right infield mechanic, improve their footwork, and throw the ball for double pace and to 1st base more accurately. This drill can be very tiring, so you run the drill 45 seconds for each fielder. The catch and the throws should be very quick, and at the end of the drill should really tire the fielder out.

2) Circuit Drill

softball equipment

Rotation 1 (Min 1-3)

  • One coach hits balls to the first baseman. Player fields the ground ball tags 1st base and throws the ball to 3rd base
  • At the same time, the second coach is hitting balls to the middle infielders to work on double plays

Rotation 2 (Min 4-6)

  • One coach works on 6-5, a ground ball hit to the shortstop moving towards the 3rd baseman
  • The shortstop fields the ball and throws or tosses to 3rd base
  • The second coach works on 3-4s. With the second baseman covering first base
  • Coach lays down a bunt or a soft grounder so that the 3rd baseman has to attack the ball and throwback to 1st base where the second baseman is covering

Rotation 3 (Min 7-9)

  • One coach works on 5-4-2 double plays, hitting the ball to 3rd base
  • The 3rd baseman tags the ball and throws to 2nd for the double play
  • The second coach immediately follows with the ball hit to the shortstop and throwing to 1st base, working on 6-3 plays

Rotation 4 (Min 10-12)

  • Ground balls hit to the infield with the play at home
  • Fielders immediately throw the ball after fielding

Rotation 5 (Min 13-15)

  • Coach lays down bunts, 3rd baseman, pitcher and 1st baseman attack the ball and communicate.
  • Between bunts, the catcher is working on steal throwdowns
  • The coach can toss the ball or pitcher can throw a pitch to the catcher, who then throws down to the shortstop who is covering second base on the steal.

       This infield softball drill is done in 5 rotation. It requires two coaches and is beneficial for the whole team as they are all included. The best thing about this drill is the chance to sharpen your instincts through rigorous reps.

        Players have an opportunity to make a bunch of plays so that when they make an error they have to make another play immediately. It really challenges them mentally and teaches them to get past their mental mistakes.

3) Middle Infield Defensesoftball player practicing infield drills

  • Drill requires 2 middle infielders
  • Coach stands at home plate and then hit grounders to players
  • Players must keep the ball getting past the dirt with whatever means necessary including dive, slide and run like hell

        This infield softball drill serves to train your middle infielders (the shortstop and 2nd baseman) to keep the ball in the infield. You don’t want to let the balls go past to the outfield.

        You can hit them with all kinds of grounders, whether it’s straight at them, up the middle, or in the holes. To motivate your players you can have them run a lap for each missed ball. You could also take note of their progress so that later you can have them preventing all the grounders from getting past them.

4) The Three- ball Drill

Softball gears

  • Have a player begin at their position
  • Lay three balls in front of them at three, five and 10 feet away
  • When ready have your fielder sprint to the first ball, grab it and throw to the designated base
  • Then have them sprint back at their position repeat this for the second and third ball

        This infield softball drill serves to improve throwing accuracy under pressure. You can use this drill primarily for the corners, for example, the 3rd baseman usually throws at the first base, but it can be adapted for the middle infield.

       It’s a simple drill that you can modify to work on a lot of different skills. Depending on what you work that day you can adjust it to different situations. For example, the drill can be set up to throw to home to practice squeeze bunt situations. Also, this versatile drill can be timed to reinforce speed and accuracy in fielding and throwing.

5) “Every Day” Indoor Softball Drills

practicing infield softball drills
  • Have players line up five feet apart
  • Have them roll groundballs to each other
  • The fielder should be set up in a triangle position (knees bent, shoulders over knees, elbows inside knees, hands out in front, palms up)
  • Have players bounce short hops to each other
  • Fielder should set in a center stance
  • From that position they should practice backhand, forehand, crossover backhand and jab- step backhand catches.
  • Recommended 10- 15 minutes every practice to train like this daily, hence the name of this drill, Every Day.

        This drill focuses on softball infielder gloves work, good fundamentals on fielding and hand-eye coordination. The infielders work in pairs and equipment that is usually used is baseball and nine-inch kiddie gloves.

        The small object makes them focus, so when they see softball in games it will look like a watermelon to them. This drill gives fielder lots of repetition in a short amount of time and forces them to focus on correct glove angle and movement.

Additional Tips For Infield Softball Drills

softball equipment on field

  • Always try to change things for your practice drills. You want your players engaged and not bored
  • If you are using a new drill for an old one, make sure that the new drill focus on the same aspect of in-fielding as the old one
  • It’s better to have really intense drills that run only for a short amount of time. The key is that players need to take the drill seriously
  • Warm-up your players before you do your drills. A good warm-up will let them move more effectively, and it will help prevent injury
  • Invest in a few paddles, as they can help make drills more interesting and challenging
  • Make sure players have the right and proper softball equipment like good softball cleats, gloves and others
  • Unless weather is moody, always do outdoor drills and not indoor softball drills. Players belong on the field where the game is played
  • Look for drills that improve camaraderie instead of just their skills. Softball is a team game and your players have to learn to trust each other.

Final Thoughts On Infield Softball Drills

12u softball player sitting on field at sunset

        Infield softball drills differ from outfield softball drills. They are for different positions and they focus on defense. Even though they often say how the offense is the best defense, defense should be the bread and butter of your team because your games would often come to who has the best defense, especially narrow result ones.

        Hence why you should take good care of your infielders and train them well. Stick to our tips, do the drills that we recommend, make your practices fun and engaging and very soon you will see how strong defense makes a difference when it comes to games.

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Avoiding the “Hot in Cleveland” Syndrome

Hailey Hull pitching

On the TV show “Hot in Cleveland,” the basic premise is that three women from LA are on a flight to Paris when their plane gets stranded in Cleveland. After being approached by several men, they suddenly realize that while they may just considered be average-looking among the many beautiful people in the City of Angels, here in Cleveland they are considered hot, and they decide to stay there instead.

(Full disclosure: I have never actually watched the show, or even a part of it. But the premise works for this blog post so there you go. Oh, and apologies to readers in Cleveland. I didn’t pick the show’s title.)

Fastpitch softball players (along with their coaches and parents) are very susceptible to what I call the “Hot in Cleveland Syndrome.” Because they are successful in the small pond they play in, and maybe even the best player in the area, they can get an oversized view of exactly how good they are.

This is one of the reasons it’s important, if you are serious about playing and especially about playing in college, to venture out past the comfort of your local area and match up your skills against higher-level teams. You can either find out that A) yes, you’re every bit as good as you thought you were or B) while you may be a 10 locally you are maybe only a 6 in the bigger scheme. Either way, that’s important information to have.

Here’s an example. You’re a strong pitcher who accumulates 10+ strikeouts consistently in a seven-inning game. You mostly do it by throwing fastballs, because most of the hitters can’t catch up to your speed. Why bother developing other pitches when you’re already dominating?

Because once you stand in against better hitters who are used to seeing speed and can hit it consistently, your strikeouts per game will probably go way down and the number of hits against you will grow. If you don’t have something else to throw at those hitters you’re in for a rough time. But you won’t know it until you face hitters of that quality.

Or take a catcher who can gun down every girl in the league or conference when she tries to steal second. Is it because she is so awesome, or because the base runners are average instead of speedy?

You put some rabbits on those bases – girls who can get from first to second in 2.8 or 2.9 seconds at the younger levels, or a team with a view players with legit 2.6 speed at the older levels – and suddenly the game turns into a track meet.

The reverse is also true, of course. Is a bigtime base stealer really that good, or are the catchers she’s facing just that weak?

Then there’s the big hitter with the loopy swing who is crushing the ball against the competition she normally sees. Put her up against a pitcher bringing the heat and she may find she’s striking out all day – and looking bad while doing it.

Now, if you have no aspirations beyond the level you’re currently playing at, being Hot in Cleveland is fine. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with playing at a lower/easy level if softball is something you do solely as a recreational activity with a hint of competition versus playing at a highly competitive level.

But if you’re looking to play in college, be named all-state in high school, win a travel ball national championship or have some other lofty ambition, you need to get a true measure of how your skills compare to all those with whom you’ll be competing for those spots. The sooner the better.

Break away from the Hot in Cleveland Syndrome and test your skills against the best players you can find. It will give you a truer picture of where you really stand.

Softball MOM Hacks

Look, softball is hard. For the adults. And time-consuming, and expensive, and the truth is that everything in life comes with HACKS! Today, we share some SOFTBALL MOM (and dad, auntie, grandma, papa) HACKS to hopefully make your days at the park a little better. Well at least….easier.

  1. Weather ISSUES! This is the BEST SOFTBALL MOM HACK EVER! Struggling with the freezing cold? Or the BOOB and back sweat is running down your butt-crack? Or rain making your hair frizz out? Or snow? Weather issues are real, and there are some that no shade tent can save us from. SOLUTION – THE PRESS BOX! Lord knows few fields have working scoreboards, but the PRESS BOX is the best place to sit and all you have to do is press a few buttons and everyone will think you are a HERO for keeping score. WARNING: Be on the lookout for naked umpires changing clothes when you go up there – but other than that enjoy the climate control. ADDED BONUS: Don’t have to listen to any annoying softball fans!
  2. Daughter have a case of the EYE-ROLLS? You know, those little annoying things that cause her eyes to make expressions that make you want to find a switch from a field and wear her legs out? Well we have a solution for that. POSTERS! And CHEERS! And this is about the only time we condone a cow-bell! Cheer for that girl and make sure everyone at the park knows that SHE belongs to you. You can also dance! Download some of your favorite 80’s PLAYLISTS from BALLPARK DJ and play them LOUD and PROUD and Dance on the bleachers. That should FIX it. But it could also make it slightly worse. But it’s worth a try.
  3. DIDNT HAVE TIME TO WASH WHITE PANTS! OR didn’t get them really clean and want to avoid judgment from the newbie moms who go extra crazy cleaning white pants as if having sparkly whites for all of 5 minutes is a badge of honor? Be the first to show up at the park and let your daughter take a few extra spins around the field and practice her sliding. NO ONE WILL KNOW that her pants were dirty when she got there, an will only applaud her effort and hustle for arriving early to get in extra practice. SIDE NOTE: Rob over at CLEAN-ALKALINE FORMULA, really knows how to clean stuff. BEST SPORTS CLOTHING CLEANER EVER!
  4. Constantly getting asked to keep the books? This SHOULD work!
  5. Have a problem keeping YOUR mouth shut? Invest in BLOW POPS. By the BIG BAG FULLS. Suckers can be your BEST FRIEND!
  6. Don’t want to carry a chair – or maybe just forgot one? Offer to be the dugout mom! Not only will you get a GREAT seat, but you will have some shade.
  7. THIS RIGHT HERE covers a MULTITUDE OF HACKS. No captions needed.
  8. Softball SOCK issues. (Of course, you do) Holes? Can’t find the matching sock? Daughter insists on wearing them no matter what?? SOLUTION! THROW THEM AWAY AND BUY NEW ONES WHEN YOUR DAUGHTER IS NOT HOME BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCKY SOCKS and HOLES in the toes make them hit funny.
  9. STINKY FUNKY DISGUSTING SOFTBALL CLEATS that make your car and everything else smell like donkey BUTT???????? Bring large gallon sized ziploc bags and make your daughter put her cleats in them BEFORE putting them in her bat bag, or your car etc.

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Best Softball Cleats You Must Have to Own the Field [Updated: 2019]

Best Softball Cleats

Whether you are playing fastpitch or slowpitch, winning and enjoying the game of softball are tied to several factors but the most important of which is your equipment. One of the most vital pieces of softball equipment that determines your agility and running in the game is your softball cleats.

Best Softball Cleats Softball Cleats' ImagesCheck prices from Amazon
[#1 Best Seller]

New Balance Women's Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleats
New-Balance-Womens-Velo-V1-Metal-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
[Our Recommended Choice]

Mizuno, MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced Finch Elite 3 Women's Fastpitch Softball Cleat
MIZD9-9-Spike-Advanced-Finch-Elite-3-Womens-Fastpitch-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
Under armor Women's Glyde TPU Softball CleatsUnder-armor-Womens-Glyde-TPU-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Under armor Women's Glyde RM  Softball CleatsUnder-armor-Womens-Glyde-RM-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Women's Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball CleatWomens-Swift-4-Fast-Pitch-Metal-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
Adidas Performance Women's Wheelhouse 2 W Softball CleatsAdidas-Performance-Womens-Wheelhouse-2-W-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon
 Adidas Women's Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball CleatsAdidas-Womens-Fastpitch-4-Metal-W-Softball-CleatsCheck price on Amazon
Nike Women's Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball CleatNike-Womens-Hyperdiamond-2-Keystone-Softball-CleatCheck price on Amazon

Wearing the wrong softball cleats can be very uncomfortable since you will have less traction with it and will not be able to move well while playing the game.

This then can lead to low performance and loss of the match. Worse still, because of the nature of the softball field, which is made up of dirt and field, it can result in injury.

So you see, wearing proper softball cleats is unnegotiable when playing your favourite game.

 Due to the vast market for softball cleats and several manufacturers producing it, there are a whole lot of options and varieties available for you when purchasing your softball cleat. 

Depending on your preference and mode of playing softball, the softball cleats available for you include fastpitch softball cleats, softball cleats for girls, softball metal cleats and youth softball cleats.

Having gotten interested in softball cleats, then the question arises- where to buy softball cleats? You can buy your softball cleats from shopping sites like Amazon and eBay or from your local store.

However, not all the softball cleats in the market are up to par and finding the right one for yourself might be problematic and time-consuming. The good news is that we have done the job for you.

After carrying out thorough research, we listed the best softball cleats you can get in the market……

These softball cleats that we are going to recommend are of the highest quality, they have high purchase sales and have loads of positive reviews online.

You are surely going to find one that fit your preference in our list below.

Do You Need Cleats for Softball?

In a world where you have freedom of choice, it seems like you can wear anything to play softball. Options like football cleats, soccer cleats or even a pair of sneakers, are available for you.

However, this is not recommended and can be very dangerous. Softball like every other sport has its specific gear that you must wear whenever you are on the softball field, and cleats are an essential part of them.

Here are the reasons why you need cleats:

Firstly it is recommended to wear softball cleats because of the nature of the softball field, which is quite different from other sports fields like football and basketball. A softball field is all dirt and ground, and softball cleats are specifically designed for this field.

Softball cleats are thinner and angled differently and built to dig into infield dirt when players make their pitch. Soccer and football shoes, however, aid movement by grabbing traction between the roots of the grass.

It is essential that you wear softball cleats for safety reasons and staying free of injuries on the softball field. While other shoes might get you slipping or falling on the ground,  a right softball cleat will give you the stability you need.

Wearing softball cleats also aid your movement and traction on the field. You don’t get slow down when running through the help of the cleats under the toes of your softball cleats. These cleats grab onto the dirt and enable you to run faster. Soccer cleats do not have the toe cleat since it could injure other players on the field.

Softball cleats are usually made of synthetic leather which makes the cleats lighter and aids comfortability on the field. Also because of the way softball is played, only softball cleats can last long and make you comfy when playing. There are special cleats, designed for pitchers who tend to wear out the toes of their cleats faster than other players.

Another reason why you need softball cleats is that they remain the best cleats you can put on, amidst other shoes backed by the rules when playing softball. So you might need to start shopping for softball cleats if you are interested in playing softball professionally.

Lastly wearing the right softball gear, including softball cleats can make all the difference between winning or losing in a softball game.

Metal Cleats Vs. Rubber Cleats Softball

Metal Softball Cleats
Rubber softball cleats
Rubber Softball Cleats                                                     

Softball is a game that requires fielding and running and as such players need traction and stability while playing on the field. The answer to players’ quests is softball cleats which are designed to aid movement and fit the hard play that comes with the softball field.

Softball cleats are made with metal and rubber materials, and each type of softball cleat has specific features and benefits that come with using them.

Their pros and cons are as stated:

Firstly metal cleats grip much better than rubber, especially in an aggressive or hard game. Outfielders need metal cleats on wet grass, and pitchers need metal cleats on hard infields. The chances of slipping are reduced with metal cleats since their spikes dig into grass and dirt deeper than rubber spikes.

Traction derived from metal cleats are higher than that of rubber cleats. They aid movement better and are best for avoiding knee or ankle injuries when you come to an abrupt stop on the field.  Metal cleats are more durable than rubber or plastic and are more fit for a fastpitch softball game.

However, metal cleats are louder than rubber cleats, and also they are cumbersome, unlike rubber cleats that are nondescript and quiet. Metal cleats are usually more expensive than rubber cleats and may not be for customers with a low budget.

Some softball leagues and associations ban the use of metal cleats to guard against injury. Rules prohibiting metal cleats can be mainly found at the youth or women level. 

For example, in professional softball, no one under 18 is allowed to use metal cleats. Also, ASA Gold softball prohibits the use of metal cleats for Junior Olympic fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball and also for coed and senior slow-pitch softball.

These rules can be attributed to the general knowledge that metal cleats are prone to more severe injuries than rubber cleats.

Rubber cleats, on the other hand, are accepted in all softball leagues. They are best suited for travel ball and are cheaper than metal cleats. Rubber cleats are reliable and effective and can be used on and off the field, unlike metal cleats that can scrape or damage floors. Rubber cleats, however, wear quickly than metal cleats and are not very efficient on hard infields.

Here are the TOP 10 Best Selling Softball Cleats:

[#1 Best Seller Cleats]

New Balance Women’s Velo V1 Metal Softball Cleats 


Product overview

This is an excellent product for women from New Balance specifically aimed at fastpitch softball. Apart from the fact that these softball cleats are stylish and cute when worn, they are also very comfortable and durable.

The Velo V1 metal softball cleats are high for the game of softball without adding blisters to the leg. Unlike regular braces, it is easily adjustable and has excellent cushioning that gives you the traction you need when playing softball.

The cleats are made to fit the size and bereft of the discomfort and blisters that are associated with new shoes.

Design and Features

The Velo V1 metal softball cleats have several unique features which include a body made up of textile and synthetic, thereby featuring a perforated synthetic vamp and sole, for comfortability, and a brand new RevLite Midsole. The insert of the cleats can also be easily removed and replaced.

Other Amazing Features

  • A brand new plate that aids flexibility in the forefoot and torsion.

You want to make sure you are moving well and fast in a game of softball and with this brand new plate, your flexibility is assured.

  • Lace cage tongue that allows users to tuck in their laces firmly

It can really be a PITA when you are playing on the field and your attention is being diverted by loose cleat laces. This feature will save you all that trouble.

  • A one-piece perforated synthetic upper vamp that ensures traction and breathability as well lits the ripping of the cleats.
  • A soft full-length midsole made with fresh foam that makes the cleats plush and comfy.

What this midsole does is to give you a comfortable feeling while focusing on your game.


  • It is budget-friendly

You don’t have to break the bank or save for a year before you acquire this cleat. It is very affordable and dependable.

  • It is built for performance and drive.

New balance Velo v1 softball cleats have been tested and trusted to aid your performance while on the pitch.

  • It is stylish and looks good

These cleats will look so good on you that you might want to wear them to your next prom.

  • It is comfortable to wear

The free feeling you get from your sneakers or other fashion shoes is the one promised by these cleats. You will feel so comfortable wearing them that you might even forget to put them off after your softball match

  • It is very durable

These cleats have been confirmed by reviewers to be long-lasting and tough irrespective of the hard softball drilling they are used for.

  • It fits perfectly

         You don’t have to worry whether the shoe will size you or not since it has over 80% size as the expected rate on Amazon, meaning the chance of the cleats fitting you is very high.

  • It is built with breathability and torsion in mind

Playing any type of game, especially softball in tight or itchy shoes can be very discomforting and can lead to loss of the match. Be rest assured that these cleats  are  designed with your comfortability in mind


  • It is manufactured mostly in white colours which can get dirty after a series of games.
  •  laces are short
  • May come in smaller sizes, so customers are advised to buy one size bigger than their intended size.

Check out this #1 best seller “New Balance Women’s Velo V1 Metal Softball Shoe” which comes in 7 different stylish colours on Amazon.

[Our Top Recommended Cleats]

Mizuno, MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced Finch Elite 3 Women’s Fastpitch Softball Cleat


Product overview

Rated as one of the best softball cleats for women, the MIZD9 9-Spike is the rave for playing fastpitch softball. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cleats are very comfortable and super light.

They are built to withstand the hard play that comes with fastpitch softball, through the ultimate cushioning, stability and excellent traction they offer to players. The MIZD9 9-Spike cleats grip them firmly during a match. They fit right, look great and do the job well.

Design and Features

The MIZD9 9-Spike cleats are made with Textile and Synthetic. They feature a rubber sole with a nine spike advanced outsole great for fastpitch softball, especially when you are playing on an artificial turf field.

The shaft measures are approximately low-top from the arch, which aids stability and traction.

Other Amazing Features


  • Specially designed for fastpitch softball

This cleat is just perfect for your fastpitch softball match. Built to withstand rough play,  you can rest assured that this cleat “got your feet” when playing your game.

  • Comfortable and durable

What more can you want from a softball cleat? If its comfortability and durability are assured, then you are good to go.

  • Light and Fitting

These cleats are light on your feet and aid your flight on the softball field. What’s more? There is a high possibility you get your perfect size when you purchase it.

  • Made with high-quality material.

This is a good perk of these softball cleats. With its high-quality material, you are guaranteed of durability.


  • Large toe box
  • Depending on the cleats usage, spikes may wear down fast.

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Under armor Women’s Glyde TPU Softball Cleats


Product overview

The women’s Glyde TPU Softball Cleats by Under armor is good to purchase for yourself or your female kids because of its amazing features and the high level of comfortability it offers.

The cleats fit nicely and provide good support, as well as providing excellent comfort to you on the softball field. It is highly durable and built to survive any form of softball drills, and can even last a full season. It is also lovely and sleek to the eyes.

The best thing about  Glyde TPU cleats is that you get it at a reasonable price.

Design and Features

Under armor TPU Softball cleat is made of synthetic materials, and it features a rubber sole with shaft measures that are approximately low-top from arch.

Comfort and durability are guaranteed by the presence of Die-cut EVA sock liner and an engineered synthetic upper.

The weight of the cleats is around 8.5 oz to 10 oz.

Other amazing features

  • A full-length ArmourBound™ midsole that  provides comfort to the foot, absorbs shock and ensures cleat dispersion
  • Rubber molded cleats placed under the heel and forefoot for more comfortable traction
  • UA-engineered coated mesh upper to give the cleats the comfort and feel of a sneaker.


  • Very affordable

This is a good point for Under armor softball cleat. Even with all its beautiful features, it is still budget-friendly.

  • Durable and built to last

Even if you are bill gate’s daughter,you still want to use your new softball cleat for several matches before changing it. These softball cleats won’t last several matches however, they will last a season!  And maybe a year or more, even with hard play.

  • Long shoelaces

Shoelaces are important for keeping the cleats firm on the legs and the longer they are, the better they are.

  • Absorbs shock easily.

The last thing you want to be worried about when playing an aggressive softball game is your cleat coming off or giving way. Under armor is aware of this and therefore made these cleats shock absorbant

  • Lightweight traction

You don’t want to feel like you are carrying the weight of “Thor’s hammer” when wearing your cleats. These softball cleats are not heavy and do not put pressure on your legs.


  • Cleats are small in size and customers may buy one size bigger to get their perfect fit.
  • Maybe a little tight.

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Under armor Women’s Glyde RM  Softball Cleats


Product overview

This is another decent softball cleats for women/girls in the collection of Under armor, the cleats share several similarities with the Glyde TPU softball cleats such as excellent comfort and durability, traction and ultimate cushion.

The Glyde RM softball cleats are also cute to look at and are perfect for playing fastpitch or slow-pitch softball. Just like the Glyde TPU, the cleats are very affordable and comes in different colours like black, white and pink.

Design and Features

The Glyde RM is made with synthetic leather and rubber, and it features a rubber sole. It also comes with an engineered synthetic upper mesh and a full-length Armour Bound midsole.

It is designed to have a sneaker-like feel and comfort, hence the coated textile forefoot, which also makes it durable and less prone to wear and tear.

Other Amazing Features

  • Glyde RM cleats are rubber molded which gives room for more traction and comfort
  • Shock absorption and cleat dispersion capabilities enabled by the ArmourBound midsole.
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner which provides elite comfort and makes the cleats highly durable.


  • Available in several colours

Isn’t it nice to be able to get your shoe in your favorite colour and not just limited to white and black?

These softball cleats are even available in pink!

So what’s not to like about it?

  • Budget-Friendly

You don’t need to get a loan before you purchase this cleat, it is very affordable and cost just a few dollars

  • Fit well and very comfortable

These cleats are very comfy and nice to wear, you would want to keep wearing them even after leaving the softball field


  • The various sizes of the Glyde RM Cleats are small in size and customers may buy one size bigger to get their perfect fit.
  • You may find it too narrow and not cover fully for your liking.

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Women’s Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball Cleat


Product overview

These amazing cleats got a whole lot of positive reviews trailing it online. Perhaps the best metal softball cleats for pitchers, they are very affordable and came in the exact sizing as expected from Mizuno.

They are comfy and plush to wear and also, give superior traction to your heels and forefoot.

Unlike several metal cleats that make your feet hurt after wearing them, Mizuno Swift 4 Metal Softball cleats are very comfortable and will not give you blisters, or cut your feet even after many hours of playing in them.

These cleats are also very durable and could last the year-round, even with hard play. They come in many different beautiful colours like white, royal blue, green and black.

Design and Features

The key features of Swift 4 metal softball cleats include a 9-Spike® outsole designed for superior traction and comfort and a full-length midsole for maximum traction.

Another nice feature of the lace-up softball cleat is the padded “booty” tongue of the cleats which is excellent for a perfect fit.

The Mizuno Wave technology used in making the cleats provides the right amount of cushioning and stability.

Other Amazing Features

  • The cleats are 100% synthetic, including the sole.
  • A perforated upper with a breathable mesh lining which makes the cleats comfier.


  • Affordable price

Be rest assured. These cleats with their mind-blowing features are not only for the wealthy and powerful. They have a low price tag that will fit well your budget.

  • Comes in six different colours

The colour combinations that you can get with these cleats are quite awesome. Royal blue, green,  black.. Just mention them.

  • Durable and plushy

These cleats are just only fine to look at, they are durable and long-lasting. They are also plushy and it feels good to wear them.

  • Lace-up comfortably

Your cleats are laced up nicely so you can focus on your game and not worry about laces coming off.


  • You may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit.

Check out the pricing of swift 4 on Amazon

Adidas Performance Women’s Wheelhouse 2 W Softball Cleats

Adidas Performance Women's Wheelhouse 2 W Softball Cleat

Product overview

These Adidas cleats are another excellent option for women. With their molded rubber outsole and lining, buyers are assured of comfortability and excellent traction.

These cleats offer great support to the you, and they also look good on the softball field. With excellent padding for superior fit and to help pitchers move faster.

In addition, they are really affordable and practical, and they are packed with extra colourful shoelaces.

Design and Features

The Addidas Wheelhouse 2 W softball cleats are 100% synthetic keeping the cleats lightweight and excellent in all weather conditions.

They feature a rubber sole, which is excellent for comfort, better traction and the chance of slipping also gets reduced. The mid-cut bright cleats feature a unique camo print outsole and lining.


  • Very affordable

We wouldn’t list a softball cleat if our readers can’t get it a friendly price, This softball cleat is just evidence of that.

  • Lightweight and offers good traction

You need good traction to move well on the softball field. This softball cleat doesn’t just feel light, it also aids your reflexes while playing your game.

  • Comfortable to wear

           You don’t need to worry about blisters, This softball cleat has a rubber outsole that makes it very comfortable and plushy.

  • Comes with extra shoelaces

Many owners were happy with this feature of Addidas performance softball cleats. These extra shoelaces are also in different colours adding to the beauty of the cleats


  • They are more for a narrow foot.

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 Adidas Women’s Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats

Adidas Women's Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats

Adidas is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to sports shoes and cleats, and these top metal softball cleats for women are just evidence of that.

These cleats are built with elite pitchers who play fastpitch softball in mind. The metal cleats dig in well when swinging, and they allow for reliable stability and fast performance.

With a padded collar, a lightweight TPU outsole, a drag-reducing toe cap, and durable upper, these cleats have proven to be the best amongst other softball cleats.

These cleats are available in three ecstatically pleasing colours Black, running white and metallic silver.

Design and Features

The Adidas fastpitch 4 metal women’s softball cleats and sole are made with synthetic leather, making them more lightweight and easy to move around.

They feature an 8-spike configuration which makes the cleats more reliable and a padded collar to make it more comfortable.

The fold-over tongue protects the laces, promoting durability.

The cleats have a low top from the arch configuration which allows for more ankle mobility and traction without negating support.


  • Comfortable to wear

Addidas puts comfortability in mind when making shoes and this softball cleat is no exception.

  • Allows for solid stability.

With these cleats, you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling. The metal cleats of these Adidas softball cleats are firmly grip to the ground aiding your movement.

  • Protection of laces

Your shoelaces are held frimly and do not loosen when playing your game.

  • Beautiful design

This softball cleat has a cool design that is good to look at.


  • Sizes may be smaller; hence, you may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit.

Check out “Adidas Women’s Fastpitch 4 Metal W Softball Cleats” on Amazon now.

Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat

Nike Women's Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat

These softball cleats by Nike are so cute that reviewers refer to them as one of the most adorable softball cleats for women.

Apart from their beautiful aesthetics and design, which makes them a favourite among softball players, they are also loved for their high quality features. 

These features include lightweight, simplicity and the comfy feeling players get when they are being worn. These cleats are also durable and can be effectively used to play other sports such as baseball and rugby.

With the cleats best traction, which allows players to run faster, you will surely feel an improvement in your game whether you are a pitcher or an outfielder.

Design and Features

Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat is made with a durable synthetic leather which adds to the lightweight feel of the cleat and a TPU mesh upper for durability.

It features a solid rubber outsole with 12 cleats that aids traction and reduces your chances of slipping on the field. A phylon midsole to provide lightweight cushioning and a low-top silhouette that gives you a low-to-the-ground feel.


  • Very cute and adorable

Be warned. You will fall in love with this softball cleat the moment you see it. This softball cleat will get you standing out and looking nice on the field.

  • Lightweight
  • Superior traction

This softball cleat is made from synthetic leather, making it very light and easy on the legs, while not neglecting superior traction

  • Affordable price

You would think this softball cleat with its beautiful features would be extremely expensive but no, it is available at a reasonable price.

  • Fit as expected

This softball cleat has a very high fit as expected percentage on Amazon, so don’t be afraid of it not fitting you

  • Durable

Nothing is sacrificed for another in the making of these softball cleats. While you will like wearing it for its good aesthetics, it is also good to know that they are very durable.

  • Can be used to play other games effectively

This cleat is like a multi-purpose cleat. People have used it to play other games like baseball and rugby.


  • Sizes may run small; hence, you may need to buy one size bigger than your size to get the perfect fit
  • Too shiny and sharp looking

Check out the price of Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat on Amazon

How To Buy The Best Softball Cleats

How to buy the best softball cleats

There are several points you must consider when buying your softball cleats. Softball is a game that requires speed and agility, and as such, you should go for cleats that would give you the desired comfort and traction when playing the game. 

Here are your 8 criterias to check while buying your softball cleats:

1) League requirements – Always check your league rules and prohibitions before buying your software cleats to avoid purchasing a type that is not allowed in your league.

Most youth and amateur softball leagues ban metal cleats, while some high school, college, and professional associations allow them.

2) Softball cleats type: Softball cleats are made in different styles including metal, rubber, molded and training or turf. Every kind of softball cleat has its benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, metal cleats offer the best traction on the field but are often prohibited in individual leagues.

Turf cleats are more comfortable than regular cleats, but they are not very efficient in the field. You should know the perks you are looking for and the type of cleats that best fit your needs.

3) Your field position: The position you play should also influence your decision when buying softball cleats. Some cleats are built explicitly for your position.

For instance, if you are a pitcher, then a cleat with a reinforced toe is your best option.

Metal cleats are recommended for infielders and outfielders because it picks up less dirt and makes them sprint faster.

4) Fastpitch or slowpitch: Your mode of playing softball also comes into play, when purchasing softball cleats. Although there are softball cleats built for general play, there are also cleats that are designed for particular gameplay.

Usually, a specific mode softball cleat is more effective than a general cleat, when playing that mode of softball.

5) Brand reputation: There are several manufacturers producing softball cleats. These brands include Addidas, Nike, Mizuno, and Under Armor. Check the reputability and product follow up of the brand before purchasing their cleats.

6) Price: Your budget is also vital in choosing software cleats. While some expensive cleats offer great features, chances are, you would see other less expensive cleats with similar characteristics. Make sure you are buying the best quality irrespective of your budget.

7) Cleat Fit: Players should always endeavor to check to see if their preferred cleat fits as expected before ordering it. If it scores above 80% on Amazon, then you are good to go.

8) Customer Reviews: Lastly, check for the customer reviews of your chosen softball cleat on shopping sites or other review sites before buying it.

Best Softball Cleats? Making Your Decision

softball cleats on grass

Both metal and rubber cleats are great for the game of softball. However, when deciding which one to purchase, for metal cleats,  check the rules of your league and see if it is accepted or not.

However, metal cleats are better suited for experienced adult athletes in highly competitive leagues. Recreational or young players should opt for rubber cleats, and should only use metal cleats under the supervision of a coach.

However, the level of technology used in making cleats has increased over the years. You now have the chance to opt for interchangeable cleats.

These cleats have releases that allow them to be changed from metal to rubber and vice versa.

This means that you can easily change the cleats based on playing surface or league rules. The cleats are changed by screwing them in and out of the sole of the shoe

So, which of the cleats are your favourites? Do drop us a comment and let us know.

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Tricks and Tips for Developing Higher-Performing Catchers

Ashley catching

Ask most people (especially their parents) and they will agree that catchers are the backbone of a quality fastpitch softball team. While pitchers get all the glory and the accolades, without a great catcher your team is likely to under-perform and lose more games than it should.

Great catchers don’t just grow on trees, however. Even the best often need to be built. In fact, I’m often amused when I hear someone talk about what a “natural” a particular catcher is, because I know what they were like originally and how much work went into making them look like a “natural.”

So for those of you with a daughter who wants to strap on the ol’ tools of ignorance and spend her career squatting in the heat, or for you coaches who understand the value of a quality catcher and need to develop one or two, here are some ways I’ve found to make it happen.


All the joking around aside, catcher is a tough position to play. Probably the toughest on the field, all things considered. You can put gear on a player and stick her behind the plate, but that doesn’t make her a catcher (except in the scorebook).

To be any good at all as a catcher, you have to have a desire to play the position. If that desire isn’t there, the rest of it isn’t going to work no matter how hard you push.

I’ll take a kid who isn’t as athletic but wants to be back there over a great athlete who looks like someone shot her puppy every time she goes behind the plate any day of the week. And all day Championship Sunday. (That’s an expression only. No catcher should have to catch five or six games in a row unless there is simply no other option.)

Find the kid who wants to do it and the rest of it will go much faster.

Learning to block

One of the challenges with learning to block balls in the dirt is the basic fear of getting hit with the ball. There is a natural, human tendency to want to turn your head when a ball bounces at you, especially if you’re only used to fielding ground balls.

But that makes no sense for a catcher, because all of her protection is in the front. Turning her head (or body) actually exposes her to more potential pain and injury.

One way I’ve found to get past that fear is to walk up to the catcher, speaking in a friendly voice, and start tossing the ball at her face mask. Ask her “How’s that?” or “Does that hurt?” The answer you’ll usually get is “no” surrounded by giggles.

What your catcher fears is anticipated pain, not a memory of pain. Give her the experience of taking a ball to the face mask, or chest protector, or shin guards and she’ll be able to overcome that fear.

The one caveat, however, is to check to make sure her equipment actually will protector. I recently had a 10U catcher named Erin who finally told her parents and me that it hurt when she blocked a ball with her chest protector. One new, stiffer chest protector later and it was no problem. So be sure when you say it won’t hurt that you know whereof you speaketh.

Making throw-downs

The other area where catchers really “make their bones” (besides blocking) is throwing runners out. There is plenty of great information out there about the mechanics of throwing runners out. But here are a couple of things you don’t normally find in those discussions.

One, surprisingly, is to make sure your catcher has good basic throwing mechanics. Not sure why that aspect is overlooked, but it often is. And all the fancy footwork and ball transfer drills won’t do you much good if the core motion is too weak or too slow.

If your catcher doesn’t have a good throwing motion to start, work with her on it. Insist on it. Drill it into her until she can’t use poor mechanics. That alone will make everything you do more effective.

Another key point is to stop your catcher from running up to make the throw. She should just pop up and throw without appreciably moving forward. Doing it that way will not only save time (because while she’s running up the base runner is running to the base) but it will also protect her from late swings (accidental or intentional to cover the runner) and slipping on a slick plate.

But she’s young and can’t get it to second on a fly without running up? Who cares? A decently thrown ball will roll a lot faster than a runner can run, and if it’s on-line it will be right where the tag needs to be made when it reaches whoever is covering the bag.

Get that ball on its way quickly and you’ll throw out more runners. And remember – most coaches like to test the water first with their fastest runner. Throw her out, or even make it close, and the opposing coach will think twice about trying to steal the other girls.

Get vocal

There are two aspects to this. One is pure volume. Your catcher can be the shyest, most soft-spoken player on the team when she’s not on the field. But behind the plate, she needs to be loud, proud and confident.

Catchers should be directing the rest of the team while plays are going on, and insisting everyone else simply repeats what she says when calling out which base to throw to or where a player should go. Otherwise, you’ll have chaos on the field.

The catcher is the only player on the field who can see everything that’s going on, so it’s natural for her to be calling out what to do. That means A) she needs to know what to do in every situation and B) she has to call it out loudly enough for at least her infielders to hear on a noisy field.

Getting to point A is going to take a fair amount of practice and study. But point B can be accomplished with a little training. Have her work on yelling things – anything. It could be base calls, it could just be numbers, it could be her name. Anything to teach her to be heard.

If possible, take her somewhere where there is a wall a good distance away and have her practice creating a loud echo off the wall.

The other key is to get her comfortable telling her teammates what to do. This is not the time to be shy, and catchers shouldn’t worry about winning popularity contests. They need to take command on the field, hold their teammates accountable for doing the right things, and pick up the entire team when it gets down.

That’s a tall order, especially for a young catcher. But give them the leeway, authority and encouragement to become that player and you might just see a little magic happen.

Final thoughts

Catching isn’t just about skills. A lot of it is about attitude.

Catchers have to think in a way that differs from the rest of the team. They have to know the game at a deeper level than their peers (since they are basically the coach on the field), and they have to have a little swagger to them.

Help develop those qualities in your catcher(s) and you’ll find yourself on the winning side of a lot more ballgames.

And oh, for you parents who would like to see your daughter play softball in college: college coaches at all levels are always on the lookout for great catchers. They’d prefer to find them rather than try to build them.

The closer you can get your daughter to that ideal, the better chance she has of playing in college and getting some or all of her schooling costs covered. Just remember what I said in point #1!

The Missing Element in Today’s Softball Player | Softball is For Girls

Softball players. They fall under the classification of athletes. That being said, with so many more girls signing up to take on the diamond each and every year, with big dreams and goals – they and WE as parents are missing the mark on one very important aspect. Athleticism.

So she can hit a ball over the fence. So she can throw a 54 mph fastball at 10 years old. So she is 16 and being scouted by a D1 program. So she plays tournament ball on the weekend, often cramming in 5 or more games into two days.

But can she run?

Can she run a mile without being winded? Can she pitch several games in the heat and the cold without becoming tired or injured or losing effectiveness? Does she have endurance? Is she using quick pick me ups like monsters and sodas and candy bars to get just enough energy to get her through the game?

Essentially our youth are extremely sedentary.

Phone and computer gadgets and their entire culture is one that doesn’t move very much. This is one of the MANY reasons so many parents try to incorporate sports into a kids routine. To get them out, and outside, an playing an doing something.

The thing is that batting practice, shagging balls, and an hour and a half of practice and even pitching or hitting lessons doesn’t make them an athlete.

What we see FAR to much off, is kids that are out of shape.


We are talking about physcial fitness. Physical fitness knows no size.

We have witnessed far too many practices where more than half the kids can barely run the field without having to walk, or being winded. Some even crying.

Our children are largely out of shape. They have poor cardiac health. They eat garbage during athletic events. And outside of practice we are stuffing them full of fast and crappy foods that offer very little nutritional value.

Far too many kids play ONE game an are tired! Travel ball games are short and swift, often dicated by a 65-75 minute clock. And truth be told, there is not often a lot of physical activity going on during those games. Sure they run to catch a ball, they pitch, they catch, they run the bases. But how many kids do you see who run out a double and the first thing they do is bend over to catch their breath. How often do you see a pitcher who grows tired after 3-4 innings an has nowhere to dig deep from, because the bottom line is that while they are in pitching form, they aren’t in SHAPE!

We expect our athletes to train and take lessons and to hone their skills at their positions, but is that really enough? We feel that as parents that going to practice several times per week means they are athletes. But, seriously is that really making them ‘athletic?”

When you are forced to play a 7 inning game headed into extra innings, with everything on the line and no clock to save you….which kids will have a well of power and strength big deep enough to draw from?

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Do they stretch and do yoga classes because they care and want their bodies to be at their best? Do they get outside and walk or run, or jump on a treadmill or exercise bike because they want to be in good cardiac shape? Or do they just busy themselves with going to practice and lessons and then hope – that it is enough? Because they are already tired. They are already busy.

When given free time, do they tune into Net Flix, or do they find a fitness app where they can work on their core strength, or push their bodies to become fit? When given a choice between an apple and a bag of chips, which do they choose?

Are your kids often sore and tired? Are they getting enough sleep? Do they eat well? Or do they use ‘being busy’ as an excuse to ignore these aspects.

Part of being an athlete in any sport, is training the body to be a warrior, and this is not done ONLY during practices or lessons but every day. Being an athlete is a STATE OF MIND, and it starts and ends with respecting their BODIES.

No matter what their body shape, what they weigh, what their strengths or weaknesses are – there is always room for them to improve their health, which will in turn improve their performance on the field.

A college coach recently told us that she is more interested in recruiting athletes than she is recruiting the kid with the best batting average on the team. Because the ATHLETE will be able to sneak out a double, where the hitter is lucky and happy to make it to first and snag a runner to do the rest for them.

This is not meant to sound mean. This is just meant to inspire YOU and your athlete to take as seriously the state of your child’s health as you do your playing time. Long after this game ends, her health and well being and athleticism will serve her well.

And the bottom line, no matter what sport you play. Cheer, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, track, cross country – athleticism will WIN out.

If your kid has real dreams and potential to play after graduation, and beyond travel ball then it is her all-around athleticism and drive to LIVE LIKE AN A TRUE ATHLETE that will get her there. The 1%ers, the best in their sports…they know this. And they know that a monster and a snickers bar are only a quick fix whereas dedication to being physically fit and athletic is what will truly make their dreams come true.

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Nothing Like Starting with a Clean Slate

Sabrina hitting

Fall ball is beginning to ramp up, at least in my area. A couple of teams I know played last week, and a whole bunch more are scheduled to play tournaments and/or round robins this weekend.

(That’s fascinating to an old coach like me, by the way, since for most of my coaching career fall ball meant playing a friendly or two on a couple of Sunday afternoons. Now it’s a regular part of the overall softball season.)

For players who stayed with the team they were on in the previous season it’s probably no big deal. They know the coaches and (most of) their teammates, and the coaches and teammates know them. It’s a pretty comfortable situation.

For those who are on new teams, however, it’s an incredible opportunity. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, players on new teams can create a whole new impression of who they are and what they can do. That new impression will be how the new team sees them.

Take a hitter who had a rough summer. She struck out a lot, and when she did hit it was mostly popups and weak ground balls.

Then toward the middle of the season she took some hitting lessons and started driving the ball. Unfortunately, her coaches already had a picture of her as a hitter in their minds, and didn’t trust that what she was showing was what she had become. So she stayed at the bottom of the batting order.

With the new team, however, all bets are off. They liked something about her at tryouts, which presumably is why they took her. Those are their only preconceived notions about who she is as a player.

All she has to do is what she was doing at the end of the last season – hitting consistently, with plenty of extra base hits – and she’ll be at the top of the batting order on her new team. Because these coaches’ impressions of who she is will be based on today forward instead of her far less productive past.

The same is true for every position. If she was a pitchers who struggled with control early on but got it together later, the starting point today is a pitcher with control. Error-prone fielder? Not anymore.

The only ones on this team who know she struggled in the past are the player and her parents. And hopefully they’re not saying anything!

It isn’t often in life that you get a real, live do-over. But this is one of those situations.

If you’re starting up with a new team, leave the past in the past. Forget about any struggles you may have had before, and play the way you’re capable of playing today.

Now go be awesome!

Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats Reviews [Top 10] Updated: 2019

slow pitch softball bats

Before you play softball, the first thing you should do is to pick up a good, high- quality bat. Buying slow pitch softball bats can’t be hasty because it is a very important decision, and you shouldn’t rush it. You need to compare different bats, consider their pros and cons, go through their reviews, and eventually select the one that is best for you and your game.

In this review, we will teach you how to choose some of the best slow pitch softball bats and will recommend 10 models that are great are not only great for beginners but even for hardcore pros.

How to pick slow pitch softball bats:

Before we start, it’s important to know a crucial difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats. Fastpitch softball bats give maximum swing speed and streamline control to the batter. Slow pitch softball bats give a maximum performance upon contact. Their heavier barrel might be difficult to control but the same reaction speed is unnecessary in a slowpitch game.

Here are 6 tips on choosing Softball Slow Pitch Bats:

1) One Piece or Two Piece

While you are buying a bat for the first time, you will find out this is the most confusion most people go through. For a hardcore pro, this decision would be easy, but for a beginner, this can be a bit confusing part because most people are unaware of the difference between two kinds of bats.

As the name suggests, in a one-piece bat different parts are not assembled together and the bat is just one unit. However, in the case of a two-piece bat, the handle and the barrel are joined and the bat is more flexible. However, that makes her slightly heavier than a one-piece bat.

Whether you buy one or the other depends on your playing style. If you prefer sheer power, then two-piece bat is a thing for you. If you are more a fan of a carefully chosen time to hit that pesky ball, then you should go with the one-piece bat.

2) Bat weight:

Weight is also an important factor to consider while buying a slowpitch softball bat. Weight should be between 26 and 30 ounces. Rule of the thumb is that heavy bats are more effective than light ones because if you hit that ball with the heavy bat then you know it will travel the long distance.

However, also consider the swing speed because it is difficult to swing a heavy bat freely. As a result, many people can’t get their timing right. So if you are a beginner, maybe use light bat initially. After you get that timing properly switching to heavy bat shouldn’t be a problem.

When considering weight, also know of the technical term called “drop” of the bat, which is basically the difference between bat’s length and weight. As per official rules, “drop“ can’t be over 12 and less than 8.

3) Composite vs Alloy

Most of the softball bats are alloy bats or composite bats. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you have to select them according to your strength. Alloy bats are easier to swing. You can also use then right after buying them and are much cheaper than composite bats. However, with alloy bats, “sweet spot” is small and also not very durable.

Most professionals use composite bats. They are slightly more difficult to swing, but the “sweet spot” is larger and if you get the timing right, the ball will travel a long distance. They are also durable and last longer but are more expensive. It’s also worth considering that aluminum bats often bent in cold weather, so if you plan to play through the whole year, then composite bats are best.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bat reviews

4) Bat length

The length of slow pitch softball bats also plays an important role. Most of the bats are 34 inches long, which is the maximum length possible as per official rule. It also depends on the height of the person.

For a shorter person, a 34-inch bat may be slightly difficult to swing so they must settle for shorter bats. However, in the case of a shorter one, the chances of missing the ball also increase. You can start with a shorter bat for a period, but eventually, you will have to buy 34 inches one.

5) Grip

The grip of the bat needs to be firm and comfortable. If the grip is loose, then your entire game will suffer. They make most of the grips from synthetic leather and normal leather. It also provides the extra bit of cushioning to absorb shock.

It is also possible to change grips any time you want but buying new grips can be costly, takes time to adjust yourself to new grip and if you frequently change it, it will affect your game. So buy one with an already comfortable grip.

6) Certificates

Different leagues require different certificates. For example, in ASA, they allow only bats with ASA certifications. Hence, you must fully know the requirements if you want to play the league. To find out requirements, you can contact one league representatives or just look at their site. There is no point in investing so much in the bat if it’s not eligible for the league you want to play.

3 Common Mistakes to avoid when buying Slow Pitch Softball Bats:

These are 3 very common mistakes people make when deciding to buy a softball bat.

1) Bat prices equate to bat quality

There is a common misconception among softball players that the more money you spent on the bat the better their hitting performance will be. This could not be farther from the truth.

Some bats you hit best consistently may very well be the ones you spent less money, but that also does not necessarily mean that expensive bats are not good. Thus when you are shopping for a bat don’t focus on the price so much and get the one that has the characteristics you like in the bat.

2) Thinking bigger is better

Many softball players are in love in idea to crush home run so they want the heaviest bat possible. Sure, a heavy bat will help you hit the ball further, but it may also hurt your average and cause you to hit less long balls regularly.

It’s also true that a heavy bat will not help you much if you don’t have a home run style swing or how to swing a softball bat of your choice properly.  So be careful when putting too much emphasis on bat weight when buying a bat.

3) Buying the popular choice bat

One mistake that many softball players make that really hurts their game is to buy a bat based on a fact that many people liked it. Every softball player has different characteristics that a bat needs to meet for them.

Taking a one size fits all approach when buying slow pitch softball bats can really leave you underperforming. So, even if it’s true that popular choice may make most people thrilled with their game, buy a bat based on criteria that will have the best chance of enhancing your own hitting performance.

Notable Slowpitch Softball Bats Brands

DeMarini– One of the best brands in the world that make some world’s best bats. They are an American-made brand and have been crafting bats since 1989.

Easton– They have been around since 1969. While they have a short history, they are still very worthy brand to purchase. While most of these bats take a significant time to break in, once they are broken in, there is no stopping its best hitting barrel.

Louisville Slugger– One of the most famous brands of bats and more commonly used for Major League Baseball (MLB). They have been producing bats for over 130 years, and if anyone knows how to create a perfect bat, that would be Louisville Slugger.

Miken– As per their mission to raise the level of play for passionate and dedicated players by creating the most high-performance equipment. It can be proven with their unique composite bats. And it is said that if you are serious about softball, you are likely to be swinging a bat from Miken.

Slow Pitch Softball Bats that are actually worth it

Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Before you buy a bat, it will be great if you take some swings with it. It will help you get an overall idea of the bat.

However, you are intending to buy your softball bat online, you could actually check out its specs and reviews first. Chances are you are actually doing it now by reading this post, kudos to you!

In addition, you can even go to your local softball equipment store to try out the bats before getting it online.

After you finally bought it, try to stick with it because frequently changing your bat is not good for your game.

Here are the TOP 10 Slow Pitch Softball Bats of all times.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

easton slowpitch softball bats


  • Hot out of wrapper so that you will not need to wear her out before you use it to hit big
  • Miss no more because the sweet spot is amplified so no tinier sweet spots
  • No need to skip your daily coffee because the price is very cheap and the quality you get is great for that money


  • The grip is thin and wears off quickly

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon by clicking here!


This one-piece bat is with 100% IMX composite material that optimizes the sweet spot of the barrel and maximizes overall performance through the bat. It’s preferred by contact hitters, as it has evenly balanced swing weight to improve bat control and increase swing speed while going through the hitting zone.

Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip that gives you just the right amount of comfort and allows for you to still have a great feel for the barrel. Last, this Salvo is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF softball associations.


  • Single Piece Design
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32 inch Ultra- Thin Handle
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • 13,5-inch Barrel Length
  • Association Approval: USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Slow Pitch Softball Bat.

Before we carry on to the next bat, due to the nature of their weight and length, the shipping will likely cost more as compared to getting Amazon Prime.

Thus I would suggest you try out the 30 days FREE Trial where you get Unlimited FREE 2 Days Shipping. Find out more by here!

Easton Salvo Composite End Loaded USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Easton slowpitch bat loaded


  • You will get a comfortable grip and your friends will be impressed because this bat just looks really cool live
  • It is also hot out of wrapper so you will be hitting big second after you buy it
  • As with other Easton’s bats, it is really affordable and gives you the great quality you deserved without breaking the bank


  • The grip tends wears off at a faster pace
  • The sweet spot is kinda smaller than on the other models

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon by clicking here!


As with the previous bat, it’s a single-piece design and 100% composite material that optimizes that sweet spot. This Salvo is preferred by power hitters, as it has End Loaded Swing Weight, allowing more mass to meet the ball at the impact of increased hitting distance.

Its Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip gives you just right amount of comfort and it allows you to still have a great feel to the bat. Sadly, as a previous model, it wears off quickly so replace it with lizard skin after if you want more quality in that part. It’s approved by USSSA, NSA, and ISA so take a note at that if you want to play some other association.


  • Single Piece Design
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32 inches Ultra- Thin Handle
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel Weight
  • Association Approval: USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Easton Salvo Slowpitch Softball Bat.

DeMarini 2019 Flipper USA Slowpitch Bat

Demarini SlowPitch Softball Bats


  • You won’t regret getting this bat before it has the best cosmetics out of all the bats so far making you look even more professional
  • It is very hot looking and furthermore, it is top-notch technology
  • Zero vibrations so no more those pesky vibrations every time you hit the ball


  • Only approved by ASA

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon!


DeMarini slowpitch softball bats come with industry-leading technology and eye-catching cosmetics. For the newest season, The Flipper USA bat features an even more wicked design than before.

With half and a half, two-piece, end-loaded construction, this slow pitch bat comes with 100% composite barrel and the ZnX Alloy Handle that increases stiffness and durability by offering less flex, the witch at the end results in premium performance.

The 100% composite barrel, also known as Divergence barrel, comes with a gapped design that provides smooth feel on contact, a tremendous trampoline effect, and extended sweet spot. As the names say, they make each piece in the USA, and they are very proud of that. Keep in mind that this model is approved by ASA only so it’s limited to that association.


  • Two-Piece Bat Construction
  • Advanced Performance Composite Barrel
  • ZnX Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel
  • Approved For ASA Only

Check out what other customers are saying about the Demarini Slow Pitch Softball Bat.

Easton FF2 13.5″ Loaded USSSA Slow Pitch Bat SP19FF2L



  • You will get masterclass technology and it is the best Easton has to offer till date
  • Your swing will get better and smoother with every swing you take because it is made with new 360 exact carbon composite barrel for an all-rounded performance
  • Your bat speed will be instantly increased with it’s New Optimised Player Weighing Technology.


  • In terms of the price little less affordable than other Easton bats

Hurry and get yours TODAY on Amazon by clicking here!


New for 2019 season, Easton slowpitch softball bats are made to the edge of perfection and built to last. The Fire Flex Loaded uses Easton third-generation Fire Flex technology that provides soft barrel compression right out of the wrapper, with a re-engineered new layup that provides dynamic 360 EXACT carbon composite barrel technology for 360-degree barrel performance.

Optimized player swing weight takes into account barrel length, barrel flex, and handle stiffness, providing a loaded feel with a smooth swing weight for maximum performance. The patented and proven two-piece ConneXion+ technology has been redesigned to guarantee best- in- class feel with a serious reduction in vibration. It also comes with three serious certifications, by USSSA, NSA, and ISA, which is great.


  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • 100% 360 Exact Carbon Composite Design
  • ConneXion+ Barrel- to- Handle Technology
  • Fire Flex Barrel Technology
  • Hot Right Out Of Wrapper with 240- 250 Compression
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 13,5-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Easton Slowpitch Softball Bat.

2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP19FFGD

Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced Slow Pitch Softball Bat


  • If you are either a heavy hitter or a timing one, worry no more about deciding the model of your bat because this is an engineered to be a balanced model which is suitable for both type of players
  • Super-sleek design and it’s possibly the coolest design you can ever get with softball bats if you are a fan of black with touches of gold.
  • Great technology that assures you it’s extremely high performance in the arms of experienced players
  • Almost no bad vibrations so your hit will be a dream because it will be as clean as it could possibly get


  • Its higher place makes this bat less affordable if you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap slowpitch softball bat

Hurry and get your piece of black beauty on Ebay by clicking here!


This black and gold Fire Flex uses Easton’s third-generation Flex barrel technology to ensure explosive pop and solid feel during everyday bat. It’s recommended that you do 100- 150 swings with contact before you flex on more pitches during your season.

On that barrel end, advanced EXACT carbon will deliver exceptional durability that won’t let you down. This piece also has ConneXion+ technology that guarantees best- in- class feels and reduces vibrations.

Barrel length is 14 inches, has a standard 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter, and a balanced swing weight that will speed up your swings for sure. It also has three certifications in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • Moderate break-in period so it will take a while until you flex on more pitches with it
  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • EXACT Carbon Composite Barrel
  • Flex Barrel Technology
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • ConneXion+ Barrel- to- Handle Technology
  • 14-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat

louisville slugger slow pitch softball bats


  • Great for power hitters, if you are a power hitter this is the best choice for your game
  • Hot out of wrapper so it’s game- ready right after you buy it
  • Power- loaded option for better swing momentum really helps you to hit that ball to a maximum length


  • Not approved by ASA
  • Paint might get scratch if not properly maintained

Hurry and get yours TODAY on Amazon by clicking here!


They construct the super Z1000 series for 2019 as a two-piece and crafted with 100% composite material. They make the barrel with Louisville Slugger’s high-end LS- 2X composite, featuring quicker break-in design for maximum performance right out of the wrapper.

The IST XStiff wrapper gives this bat stiffer feel for increased energy transfer, while also keeping the bat from feeling too whippy as you swing through hitting zone. The End- Loaded Swing Weight adds more weight to the end of the barrel, giving this Z1000 series more power potential if you are strong enough to efficiently whip it through hitting zone.


  • Two-piece Bat Construction
  • Steven Lloyd Signature Series
  • 100% LS Composite Design
  • IST XStiff Handle Technology
  • Removable Pyramid Taper
  • Synthetic Leather Bat Grip
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • 12-inch Barrel Handle
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, ISA

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Mizuno 2019 Crush End Load (USSSA) Slow Pitch Softball Bat

mizuno slow pitch softball bats


  • Excellent power so you can jolly well rest assure that the ball will go long whenever you hit it with this Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • Feels really great when you hold it and the plus-size is the design just looks really awesome
  • Game-ready as soon as you buy it so you hit that break-in period right away


  • Not cheap

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon by clicking here!


Possibly the hottest Mizuno slow pitch softball bat, the Orange Crush has a springboard surface that is that’s super hot right out of the wrapper and game ready from day one. They construct this bat with Black Onyx Carbon and Triple Wall barrel to increase durability with close attention to detail.

A thin Micro- WhipTM grip gives you a better feel, while two-piece LINKTM technology reduces vibrations and gives you an amazing feel of solid contact. Optimized End Cap creates a booming sound and increases that sweet spot. End- Loaded Swing weight is also there for added distance. Orange Crush also features three different certification stamps in USSSA, NCA, and ISA.


  • Two-piece Construction
  • 100% Black Onyx Carbon Composite Design
  • Optimized End Cap For Huge Sweet Spot
  • Micro- WhipTM Grip For Increased Fell
  • LINK Technology That Reduces Vibrations
  • 12-inch Barrel Length
  • End- Loaded Swing Weight
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Bat on Amazon.

DeMarini 2019 Flipper OG Slow Pitch Bat

demarini slow pitch softball bats


  • Pop right out of wrapper so its game- ready for you from day one when you receive it from Amazon.
  • The sweet spot is huge and that easily allows you to hit it more often than not and breaking your best batting record
  • Great control and overall feel so you can be sure to send the ball wherever you want it to go


  • Approved by ASA only so you can’t play with it in other associations

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon by clicking here!


DeMarini always comes in with industry-leading technology and eye-catching cosmetics. For the newest season, they crafted Flipper OG, especially for crushers. With half and a half, two-piece, mid-load construction, this slow pitch softball bat comes with 100% composite barrel and the ZnX alloy handle that increases stiffness and durability by offering less flex, which ultimately results in premium performance right of the bat.

The 100% composite barrel features a divergence gapped wall barrel bat that sandwiches air between two layers of composite material creating a super responsive sweet spot. DeMarini Flipper OG has a 13-inch barrel length and the proven RCK knob that fits really comfortably into the bottom hand. Sadly, it’s approved only by ASA so you can’t use this premium bat elsewhere.


  • Two-piece Hybrid Softball Bat
  • Zinc Alloy Handle Creates Stiffness With Contact
  • Traditional RCK Knot Fits Perfectly Into Bottom Hand
  • Half+ Half Construction Comes With A Composite Barrel and An Alloy Handle
  • Mid load Barrel Weight
  • Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance
  • Divergence Barrel Creates Maximum Softness and Trampoline Effect
  • 13-inch Barrel Length With A Huge Sweet Spot
  • Approved Only For ASA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Demarini Slowpitch Softball Bat.

Miken 2019 Freak 23 Kyle Pearson Signature Model USSSA Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat, 12″ barrel

miken slowpitch softball bats


  • If you are a great fan of Kyle Pearson, good news for you! This Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat is recommended, approved and used by this great sportsman himself, who is also the MVP of USSSA, and it is also his signature bat
  • It has excellent pop so rest assure you will hear it when you hit the ball and know that you hit it well
  • Revolutionary modern technology assures you that this is one of the best bats you will ever find in the market till date


  • It doesn’t have ASA approval if that is your choice of association

Buy it now from Amazon.


Miken slowpitch softball bats provide elite technology with great cosmetics is out of this world. The Freak 23 USSSA bat pairs Kyle Pearson’s signature end-load weighting with Kyle’s signature max load weighting combined with a highly reactive barrel for players that prefer short barrel for consistent power.

Inside The Freak 23, Miken uses what’s called the Triple Matrix Core+ technology that eliminates wall seams and enhances the layering process to guarantee consistency, expand the sweet spot, and amplify pop during everyday softball drills. Between the powerful barrel and skinny handle, the Flex 2 Power (also known as F2P) technology optimizes both barrel loading and flex to help boost bat speed through the hitting zone without sacrificing control.

Its short 12-inch barrel length and its end- load is preferred by players who want more power. This model is the weapon of choice of USSSA men’s major offensive Kyle Pearson, and it’s approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • USSSA MVP Kyle Pearson’s Signature Softball Bat
  • Three- Piece Composite Softball Bat
  • Tetra- Core Technology Increases Sweet Spot Size And Durability
  • Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology Optimizes Flex And Barrel Loading To Maximize Speed Through Zone
  • Revolutionary 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers To Deliver Legendary Performance & Durability
  • 12-inch Barrel Length
  • Approved By USSSA, NSA, and ISA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat.

DeMarini 2019 Uprising

demarini slow pitch softball bat


  • Approved by every association so you have no restriction of that part and can play it in whatever association you want it
  • Price is pretty cheap so its affordable option if you have a tight budget to work with
  • Its beginner-friendly bat so its great for a start if you are one yourself


  • If you are a pro player you would want something heavier to play with

Hurry and get yours today on Amazon by clicking here!


The Uprising bat features DeMarini’s revamped Alloy and Hybrid Performance grip so you get a great feeling when you grip the bat and when it connects. This bat has the perfect balance of performance and durability at a more affordable price and is recommended for beginners.

It has a great white and blue cosmetics and a balanced swing weight. They make the Uprising from DeMarini with one-piece bat construction and crafted out of 100% Aluminum Alloy.  The barrel is hot right out of wrapper and game- ready from day one.

The two-piece bat grip, called Hybrid Performance Bat Grip, gives off a tacky feel so you can grip it and rip it. The Uprising is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and SSUSA so it gives you a wide range of associations where you can play it.


  • One-piece Alloy Bat Construction
  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Hybrid Performance Bat Grip
  • Light And Balanced Swing Weight
  • Recommended For Younger Players
  • Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance
  • -12 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Approved For Play In USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF, and SSUSA

Click here to check out what others are saying about the Demarini Slowpitch Softball Bat.

Which Slow Pitch Softball Bat will you get?

softball drills

So, these are our best slow pitch softball bats reviews. If you want to buy a slow pitch softball bat, there are several things you should watch out. You need to watch out if it’s one- piece or two-piece depending what game you want to play, what is a bat’s weight and “drop“ or difference between length and weight, whether its composite or alloy material, what length of the bat is, it’s grip is both firm and comfortable so you wouldn’t change it later and what certificates bat has if you want to play in one of an association’s leagues.

You also need to remember that bat, as well as for most softball equipment, price doesn’t equate bat quality, that bigger bat may not always be better and also that popular is not always something that is better for you. We hope that we helped you with our tips, and with our choices of current great bats on the market and that you will find the bat that will help you hit that ball hard and long.

Our verdict

If you are just starting out as a beginner, we would recommend you the Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat to start with.

However, if you are already a powerhouse experienced softball player, you should definitely go for the 2019 Easton Fire Flex Gold Balanced USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SP19FFGD.

Please let us know what your opinions on these bats in the comments section below.

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6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills for You [Updated: 2019]

6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills

6 AWESOME Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor softball drills will definitely come in handy for a dedicated player like you even if the weather is out to stop you. So after reading this post, you would not have to postpone your next softball training and will be ready to bring your softball skills to the next level with your determination and passion.

When it comes to sports such as softball and baseballs, which are played mostly outside with practice sections being outside, it can become inevitable that you have to incorporate both softball drills and training indoors. Winter conditions such as rain, snow and other elements of nature will force you to practice indoors. It is not all a waste, as there are many effective indoor softball drills out there for your players to practice.

Here are some great Indoor Softball Drills:

1) Side to Side Indoor Softball Drill

This first softball drills for fielding and throwing is called the side-to-side drill. This one of the beginner softball drills, and develops the lateral movement of fielders. It also improves lateral quickness and conditioning.

How it works:

  1. The trainer or partner will roll the ball to one side of the fielder.
  2. In a proper fielding position, the fielder will field the ball between the feet after she has shuffled to the side (doing so without crossing her feet).
  3. When the fielder gets the ball, she will then throw it back to the partner while staying low.
  4. The fielder will then shuffle the other direction so the partner roll the ball onto the other side,
  5. This fun softball drill is then repeated. The fielder and the partner can switch so the partner does the defensive play.

Wish to ace in the game? Check out our top 5 softball practice drills here!

2) 4 Corners Infield Drill

This is one of the best indoor softball drills, especially for beginners. Here 4 players will stand in the 4 corners of a gym, and throw each other the ball.

Below is the drill:

  1. The player 1 will throw the ball diagonally to player 2;
  2. Player 2 will throw the ball laterally to player 3;
  3. Subsequently, player 3 will then throw the ball back to player 2;
  4. Moving on, player 2 will then throw the ball to player 1;
  5. Loop the drill from step 1-4 again.

This indoor softball drills will help improve catch to throw transition, regular grounders, and making throws on the run.

3) “Gator” Run-Down Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor Softball Drills Gator Run Down

This is one of the softball drills for fielding which helps work on rundown defense regardless of age. These fun softball drills do not require a lot of space as far as there is adequate space for infield bases.

Here is the drill:

  1. A runner will be at home and the defense in their respective positions and the coach/ trainer in the middle of the field.
  2. When the trainer shouts “to go’, the runner will start going at top speed around the bases.
  3. As the runner begins, the defenses cover their bases.
  4. While the runner is between 2 bases, the trainer tosses the ball to a defensive player so that the rundown begins.

4) Still-Ball Backhands

This is a drill that allows players to rake backhands correctly. This is one of the drill that I like to use when I am training indoors.

Here is the drill:

  1. All the players will take a ball and place it about 3 steps away.
  2. Now each player will approach the ball in a backhand position.
  3. The player will then rake through the ball in a backhand position, making sure the ball gets deep behind the front foot.
  4. Subsequently, she/he can fake throw and then start the drill all over or she/he can also throw the ball into a net.

Other Indoor Softball Drills

Indoor Softball Drills turf floor

Here are some more softball drills that do not require any facilities inside of the sheltered area. A gym room with a couple of proper softball equipment would do perfectly. It’s also awesome to practice these drills indoors during winter time.

5) Hitting

  1. Hitting off the tee – no player is too old to hit off a tee.
  2. Using a pitching machine – This can be a very effective training.
  3. Practicing the 3-2-1 drill – this improves reaction time and speed.

6) Softball Drills for Fielding and Throwing

  1. 4 corner’s infield drill – this is mentioned earlier.
  2. Fielding without gloves – this helps with body positioning, as such the coach should focus on the player’s body position.
  3. Transferring the ball to glove before the player throws it.

fielding and throwing

Do you still wish to know more indoor softball drills? You are in luck! Check out this short 4 mins video which shows you indoor softball drills to build your teamwork.

Let us know which softball drills you are using for your indoor training below~

To keep on improving, it’s always useful to revisit the fundamentals.

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