FUN Softball Drills: You’ll look forward to your next training with these drills!

Fun Softball Drills Everyone Should Know

Fun Softball Drills Everyone Should Know

I suppose you might find the term “Fun Softball Drills” might be hard to believe because drills are usually dry, repetitive and…boring. However, it is not impossible and in this post, I will give you a couple of fun softball drills ideas to spice up your next training and make sure you look forward to your future ones.

Softball practice can get boring at times, that is why it is vital to include some fun softball drills in practice. This way, the players hone their skills and physique while having fun. Drills should include fielding and throwing, running, and hitting.

The following are some of the BEST Fun Softball Drills you need to learn!

Fun Softball Drills –> HITTING DRILL

A vital part of softball is hitting. This will help improve technique, positioning, and hitting. The first fun softball drill we will look at will be a hitting drill called Don’t Miss.

1) Don’t Miss

This beginner softball drill is designed to teach and improve correct placement of the bat once the ball has been hit, and emphasizes contact with ball.

Equipment for the drill:

  • a ball,
  • a bat,
  • a hula hoop
  • a tee,
  • and gloves for the players

Here is the drill:

  • Start by creating two sides: batters and fielders. The fielders will go about their business as usual. The batters will hit the ball from a tee, one after the other. The focus should be on making solid and thorough contact with the ball.
  • After the player strikes the ball, she will have to toss the bat into the hula hoop next to home base and then run to first. However, if the player missing the ball or hits the tee, it is a strike. Each player has 3 strikes before they are out.
  • The player also has to make sure the bat is placed in the hula hoop before running to first. If the player fails to do that, it is an out.

2) Hit the Coach

This is an amazingly fun indoor softball drills that will teach young players how to throw the ball. The focus of this drill is accuracy.

Here is the drill:

  • Just like the previous drill, the players will form a line facing the trainer. The players should then try to hit the trainer with a soft ball such as a small rubber or foam ball when the trainer asks them to start the game.
  • The trainer should then make it as hard as possible for the players to hit him or her. After the players have thrown their balls, they can go retrieve it and get right back in line.
  • If the trainer is hit three times, he or she will have to do a silly dance or something silly as suggested by the players.

Fun Softball Drills –> RUNNING DRILL

Fun Softball Drills Running

Since running is a vital part of both softball and baseball, it is necessary for drills to include running. Here is a wonderful running drill to consider.

3) Red Light Green Light

Although this may be seen as a beginner’s softball drill, it is one that all teams can do. This drill will ensure players are used to running with their gloves on, and a ball in his or her hand.

Here is the drill:

  • For this drill, the players will need to have a glove and a ball. The players will form a straight line facing the trainer. The line should be about 60 to 90 feet from the trainer.
  • When the trainer says the word green light, the players should run towards the trainer. When the trainer says the words red light, the players spin around.
  • Any player moving when he says red light will be out.
  • The game ends when a player finally tags the trainer.

Fun Softball Drills –>  CATCHING DRILL

4) Look Up

Fun Softball Drills Catching

Finally, lets move on to the catching drill, which will help the young preteen players gather fly balls in the outfield. However, one of the main problems that many beginning players face is feeling comfortable looking up to catch fly balls. This means it is important that players feel comfortable doing this. The ‘Look Up’ drill will help them catch fly balls with more ease.

This is a simple drill that requires small soft balls such as rubber balls and as many tall people as you can find. The tall players will stand by the young players and drop the balls over their heads. The job of the players is to try to catch the ball. You can start them off with no gloves then move them up to gloves on.

Still wanting to learn more fun softball drills? We heard you! Here’s a short informative video on more innovative softball drills for you! Enjoy~

We have come to the end of our list of fun softball drills and hope you enjoyed it! Let us now move on to understand how can we reduce or minimize injuries during training sessions by having the correct softball equipment.

Importance of Buying Suitable Softball Gloves

To get the best out of players while ensuring their safety, suitable equipment for that sport is necessary. There are a lot of important equipment needed when playing softball such as softball gloves/mitt, bat, batting helmet, sliding shorts and sliders, and catcher’s equipment.

With the speed of the balls, having suitable gloves is vital. The gloves are equipment made to protect players when catching softballs. Suitable softball gloves will help reduce the impact of flying ball, thus reducing the risk of injury. Hence, that makes them a must-have.

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Share with us which are your preferred softball drills which you enjoyed using the most below~

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