Zepp Softball: Your TOP choice of baseball and softball training aid to improve swings

Zepp Softball

The Zepp Softball-Baseful 2, 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Softball

For hitters, it is important to improve. For this reason, the Zepp Softball and Baseball Swing Analyzer is an invaluable tool. Its ability to analyze swings provides invaluable real time data. This information will help players improve their form and performance rapidly. You can tell just how well you are doing and even coaches love and recommends them! This makes the Zepp Softball-Baseball Swing Analyzer a tool that can be used for personalized evaluation. It will reduce the sharp learning curve involved when young hitters progress to the next stage.

Players who used to performance well can start lagging behind. As they progress, the pitches become faster and wrong forms that may have worked when the hitters played in the 10u or 12u may no longer work. The  Zepp Softball-Baseball Swing Analyzer is a tool that softball and baseball hitters 8 years and above can use to this tool to massively and quickly improve their swing, bat speed and power. It is just as important a tool for pro ballers as it is for developing players.

Data collected by the Zepp Softball-Baseball Swing Analyzer

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Data collected by the Zepp Softball-Baseball Swing Analyzer includes speed at which hitters get their bat into the hitting zone, the bat speed upon impact, the time it takes for the hitter to strike the ball, and even the angle at which the ball is hit. Here’s a breakdown of what this powerful analyzer can do:

  • Bat Speed At Impact – This differs from maximum bar speed.
  • Hand Speed – This shows the speed of the hands through the entire swing
  • Time To Impact – records the amount of time between when the bat starts moving and when it hits the ball.
  • Bat vertical – This shows the angle the bat uses to pass through the strike zone.
  • Attack Angle – This helps shows if the path of the bat when it strikes the ball matches the angular path of the pitch.

Check out a short video on Zepp softball and baseball 2 3D Swing Analyzer here and navigate to the displayed images section to watch it.

Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review

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This is one of the best baseball and softball swing analyzer and a valuable softball equipment which is highly recommended by coaches. When used during drills, the swings of the players will improve drastically.

Pros /Reasons to Buy the Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review

  • The Zepp Softball-Baseball Swing Analyzer helps improve swing and batting by measuring and analyzing the important aspects of every swing including the attack angle, bat speed, hand speed, time to impact and more.
  • The real-time instant assessments help players know exactly where they need to improve and focus on.
  • This softball equipment comes with a Smart Coach, which gives the player access to tailored training based on the data collected.
  • This device is not for players alone, coaches love to use it to manage entire team using the Zepp coaching features.
  • The hardware used is topnotch. The sensor is extremely accurate.

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Using the Zepp Softball and Baseball 2 3D Swing Analyzer

The core of this device is the Zepp baseball sensor. This goes into a rubber grip, which goes over the knob of the bat. The sensor acts as both an accelerometer and a gyroscope. It measure both the orientation of the bat and the speed and direction in which the bat moves.

When the player takes a swing at the ball, the sensor instantly sends the swing data via Bluetooth to your smart device. The Zepp app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app analyzes and displays the process data as information that is easy to analyze. All aspects of the swing as discussed already are analyzed. You can also use the Zepp Auto-Video Capture feature to video record your swing for comparison with the data collected from the swing. Evaluation is instant.

The smart coach feature of this swing analyzer allows you customize your training based on the analyzed data. This makes this device excellent for softball hitting drills, and softball drills in general. Therefore this product is definitely worth investing in if you wish to seek improvements consistently and effectively!

Video on how it works

If you wish to check out a short video on the Zepp softball and baseball 2 3D Swing Analyzer, click here and you will find it at the displayed images section.

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